● Coinsbit India splits from its global counterpart to set up independent operations

in India as CryptoForce.

● CryptoForce has a strong focus on the needs of the cryptocurrency community

Hyderabad, India: Coinsbit India announced a strategic overhaul of the company to be rebranded as CryptoForce, an independent cryptocurrency exchange specifically targeting the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. As a key part of this new strategy, CryptoForce will break away from its global predecessor, Coinsbit IO, and run its operations independently, allowing the team to build better, hyper-focused solutions tailored for the Indian crypto user.

With over 9 million Indian crypto owners making up the most prominent crypto market in the world, there is an immediate need for solutions that cater to their needs. In this direction, CryptoForce will tailor offerings that allow for easy deposits and withdrawals and, more importantly, 24/7 multilingual customer support. By building a robust technology framework that operates in accordance with the regulations set out by the Government of India, CryptoForce is determined to become a leading cryptocurrency exchange built by Indians for the world.

CryptoForce is led by serial entrepreneurs with solid business roots in the country, a deep understanding of the customer mindset, and a track record of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. Having helped several global companies adopt new technologies in cloud adoption, automation, blockchains, cloud security, application modernization and more, their foray into this aggressively evolving crypto space is a natural next step. With CryptoForce, they aim to create a highly compliant and regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform that is on par with any global platform in terms of technology, security and innovation, while tailoring offerings to the Indian market. With operations led by a seasoned IT team with specialized expertise in the blockchain industry, CryptoForce is establishing from the ground up a platform for Indian crypto users to call their own.

Users can explore a variety of investment options on the platform, including:

1. Staking & Staking Basket for earning a fixed return on investments.

2. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) to regularly invest a fixed amount in the chosen cryptocurrency.

3. SBIP (Systematic Basket Investment Plan) to regularly support a fixed amount in the selected cryptocurrency basket.

4. CPMS (Crypto Portfolio Management System) to invest in variable risk options based on the user’s risk appetite.

5. Drop of Gold to invest in gold via cryptocurrency.

CryptoForce promises:

● Hassle-free crypto trading in 100% compliance with Indian government regulations

● Transaction option in Indian currency (INR)

● Flexibility to start small with only 1000 INR

● Fast deposits and withdrawals

● Improved security of user funds as 95% of funds are stored in a hot wallet

● Multilingual customer support system accessible via chat, email and IVR

Over the next few weeks, CryptoForce will launch unique, game-changing features that aim to revolutionize the Indian crypto market. Some of these features include:

● Deposits and withdrawals available on multiple blockchains

● An academy platform for users to educate themselves with in-depth industry knowledge and the latest trends in the industry

● Trading competitions where users can earn rewards in cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc.

● P2P platform to trade cryptocurrencies directly with other users on a secure platform

● OTC platform for large-volume investors to trade off the stock exchange

● Crypto trading with futures/derivatives

● Custom or pre-built strategies for users to automate their trading activities

Additionally, they develop CryptoForce as a community, bringing like-minded individuals together on a single platform to explore opportunities, share insights, and grow together. The district also votes on the selection of crypto assets to be listed on the exchange. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to positively impact the entire economy and the acceptance of the decentralized currency is increasing day by day across India. CryptoForce will be at the forefront of this journey, enabling countless Indians to trade cryptos with the click of a button.

“Cryptocurrency trading has been restrictive and intimidating for the average Indian user, with multiple barriers to exploring and capitalizing on opportunities. There were security and technology barriers, but in addition to these, a language/culture barrier prevented unfazed adoption.

We’re changing this.

By bringing together the best of technology, security and a customer-centric approach, we make crypto trading convenient, reliable and trustworthy for Indian traders.”

– Akshit Khanna, Co-Founder and CMO

“Cryptocurrency is a game changer, and everyone can benefit from it. With an inclusive, community-led approach, CryptoForce will help break down any barriers faced by Indian users. By enabling community-level interactions between like-minded people – from seasoned traders to newbies – we bring clarity and empower them to trade with confidence.

Honestly, we want to change the way India views money. We want cryptocurrency investments to be discussed at family gatherings – that’s how comfortable people should move

this topic that we believe is the future of money!”

– Rahul Agarwal, Co-Founder and CPO

About CryptoForce:

CryptoForce, formerly known as Coinsbit India, is one of the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India. Developed by Indian technology entrepreneurs specifically for the growing Indian cryptocurrency trading market, Cryptoforce enables individuals to trade in local currency in 100% compliance with government regulations. The CryptoForce community provides its users with information, guidance, and peer interactions to explore the world of cryptocurrency with ease and confidence.

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