Clippers most realistic trade target after the first month of the season

Currently, the Los Angeles Clippers are the sixth seed in the Western Conference with an 11-8 record and are still trying to figure things out with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George constantly coming in and out of their rotation this season. On the other hand, George has had several strong performances, John Wall is beginning to rebound as LA’s floor general, and they have a well-rounded supporting cast at the helm. Despite their strong points, the Clippers still have a gap to fill in midfield and currently have one of the thinner frontlines in the NBA.

One player recently mentioned as a top trade target for the Clippers is Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner. With the Los Angeles Lakers no longer chasing the versatile big man, the Clippers now have a prime opportunity to acquire Turner. Now, without further ado, let’s discuss why Turner is the most realistic trade target for LA after the first month of the 2022-23 NBA year.

Myles Turner

With a season average of 17.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks on 53% shots from the field, Turner would be the ideal trading target for the Clippers at this point in the season. Not only would he solve their center problems, but LA would benefit greatly from his size, length and toughness. Turner’s multifaceted offensive game and defensive acumen would change the Clippers’ season prospects and potentially make them the most complete team in the league.

Granted, their success will also be determined by the health of Leonard and George throughout the season, but the addition of Turner gives them more depth and versatility. Plus, his limitless scoring and lob threats make the Clippers an even scarier team in transition. Add to that his ability to succeed as a power forward or center, which would allow Tyronn Lue to lead a variety of different lineups.

This would unquestionably make the Clippers a top-10 team in multiple offensive and defensive categories and allow them to climb the ranks of the highly competitive Western Conference. It’s no secret that the Clippers need help, and a game for Turner would arguably be the best move LA can make right now.


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The Clippers definitely have the means to please the Pacers in a potential trade, and a young, dominant two-way center like Myles Turner is just what they need to help them get over the hump and theirs fix color problems. For the Pacers, it would take a load off them as they would finally be able to get away from Turner while likely raising several young players and some draft capital as well.

Whether the Clippers pull the trigger and let that happen remains to be seen. However, the Clippers have not shied away from big deals in the past and turning Turner’s signing would definitely be a game changer for them and would pay off hugely in playoff time. So Lawrence Frank and Jerry West should do everything in their power to bring Turner to LA.

Between Frank and West, the Clippers definitely have the front office magic to pull this deal off. Throughout its time with the federation, the logo has done everything it can to build championship organisations. Should he successfully make that move possible, West could play a crucial role in helping the Clippers win their first title by acquiring Myles Turner.

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