City on a Hill season 3 episode 2 preview release date and where to watch online

This article is a preview of Showtime series City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 2 which includes details on release date and how to watch online.

Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge return for a third helping city ​​on a hill. Loyal viewers were rewarded by Showtime for a third season of 8-hour episodes. Here’s what we know about the premise thanks to Showtime:

“Season three of city ​​on a hill brings us to Boston’s high society, Beacon Hill. After leaving the FBI and throwing his badge in Boston Harbor, Jackie Rohr lands a lavish new job as security guard for a wealthy family. Life is good until the mysteries begin to unravel. As an investigation is launched, ADA Decourcy Ward sees an opportunity to finally pull out the machinery that keeps a broken criminal justice system alive. Siobhan Quays, who represents a construction worker badly injured on the Big Dig, experiences the city’s corruption firsthand while also processing the traumatic events of her past year. As Jenny Rohr can attest, given her history with her father, some experiences will push you past your breaking point.”

city ​​on a hill Season 3 Episode 2 release date

Episode 2 will be released on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. We do not anticipate changes to the schedule just yet.

where to see city ​​on a hill Season 3, Episode 2 on-line

Spectators can watch city ​​on a hill Season 3 on the Showtime channel on the above date.

Additionally, those who subscribe to Showtime Now can watch episodes of City on a Hill Season 3 on Fridays, two days earlier than when they air on their network channel. Episodes will continue to land weekly. This is a brilliant incentive for those who have big fans of the series. Subscriptions cost $10.99 per month, but you get a 30-day trial when you sign up. You can cancel your membership at any time.

How many episodes will the series have?

In total, season 3 will have 8 episodes.

Who is the main cast for Season 3?

  • Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge return as City on a Hill’s two leads, Jackie Rohr and Decourcy Ward, respectively.
  • Jill Hennessy as Jenny Rohr.
  • Lauren E Banks as Siobhan Quays.
  • Matthew Del Negro as Chris Caysen.
  • Corbin Bernsen.
  • Johanna Kelly.
  • Ernie Hudson.

Is there a trailer

Yes, here it goes:

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