City of Washington County enacts 180-day delay on massive flagpole project

COLUMBIA FALLS, Maine — By a vote of 63 to 17, local residents on Tuesday temporarily halted consideration of a proposal to build a massive flagpole nearly 1,500 feet tall.

The voting result gives the rural city time to develop and enact building standards for the proposed Flagpole of Freedom Park, a veterans’ theme park that would stretch across miles of currently wooded land and include an observation tower built like a flagpole that would be taller than the Empire State Building. The tower would fly an American flag larger than a football field.

The Worcester family’s proposal, which creates and operates Wreaths Across America, was billed as a $1 billion project that would include miles of memorial walls with veterans’ names on them. It would also have six history museums and a development with hotels, restaurants, shops and a performance venue.


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