China regulates influencers who share professional content online by requiring certification

China has consistently moderated the spread of digital content in recent years. This time the government aims to regulate the live streamers and influencers in providing information to the public.

According to the report, authorities will now require these online creators to have appropriate licenses in their respective fields. This means that before they start distributing financial, medical, and other advice to people, they need certification first.

China takes action against live streamers

China regulates influencers who share professional content online by requiring certification

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China will now require online influencers and live streamers to be certified before they provide financial, medical or legal advice to the public.

According to Fortune’s latest report, China now mandates a policy that requires an influencer to have expert knowledge in a specific field. In order to determine if he/she is qualified to provide financial or legal advice, there is a code of conduct that a live streamer must follow.

Given the easy access to information, it’s no wonder that many people can quickly gather the data online, even without verifying its authenticity. Along with the emergence of endless details, viewers may not know that they are dealing with bogus claims and incorrect advice.

For this part, the Chinese government is stepping up to gradually eliminate the unwanted information on the Internet. The new crackdown will appeal to influencers and live streamers on how they offer advice to their viewers.

There would be a number of reviews by the platform operators. This verifies that the influencer is authorized to share medical, legal, or financial information with the audience.

The rules state that the requirements they place on the human broadcasters are the same as for AI-based presenters.

In addition, the policy will help correct the incorrect information that came out before. It is important that influencers’ opinions are weighted as they could negatively influence the decision of the people who heard them.

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Booming live broadcasting industry in China

China has been a lively environment for live broadcasts in recent years. According to Techcrunch, the country recorded more than 700 million people engaging in live streaming activities. This number accounts for 68% of the total population of people addicted to the internet.

It should be noted that TikTok is currently one of the most used Chinese video sharing platforms. Other industries, including the gaming sector, are also benefiting.

In a typical live streaming session, you’ll see an influencer giving financial advice on how to get rich. There are live streamers who also give advice like doctors. However, the information they share online should be monitored whether it is legitimate or not.

There are cases where some companies use virtual avatars instead of real people. However, the new rules will also affect people who rely on the use of deepfakes to attract audiences.

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