Chiles defeats Godby and looks forward to final games


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Chile’s girls basketball (16-4, 3-0 Districts 2-6A) escaped the Cougar Den with a 54-40 over Godby (6-10, 4-0 Districts 2-4A) on Tuesday night.

Timberwolves guard Chloe McElroy had a game-high 19 points. Junior center Mar’nazha Houston led the Cougars by 10 points.

“Both teams were very intense,” said Chile coach Troy Hartmann. “It was really a hard fought start to the game before we opened it. It took a little while to get there but we finally made it.”

The game took place exactly a month ago when Chiles and Godby faced off for the first time this season. The Timberwolves hosted the game and walked away with a 49-28 win over the Cougars on December 17.

“We broke up with them last year, so the main thing we came up with was that we wouldn’t let that happen again,” said Chile’s captain, senior guard Lindsey Myrick. “Godby has always been a very close game for us the last four years I’ve been here, but we’re at a whole new level this year.”


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Chiles angers Godby with his pressing and tempo offense

It was a tight game early on as it tied at 13 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Chile took a 28-22 lead before heading into the half-time break on shooting and fastbreak points.

But in the third quarter, Hartmann made his biggest adjustment in the game, returning to a full-court press to force turnovers.

This forced Godby into even more turnovers and easy buckets.

“We expected some of their passes to be a little better,” Hartmann said. “We finished the baskets after we made a steal and it went pretty fast in the third quarter.”

As you looked up, Chiles led 48-26 into the fourth quarter en route to victory.

“Our full court pressure is hard for people to handle,” said Myrick, who had seven points. “We thrive on taking turns and are fortunate to have three-pointers who can make it to the hole,” Myrick said. “Our pressure in court is difficult for people to handle.”

The Timberwolves are dwarfing last season’s overall wins due to the familiarity of the system

Timberwolves girls’ basketball finished 14-9 in the 2021-22 season.

Now they have 16 wins with four games remaining in the regular season.

“Last year we had a whole new coaching staff that we had to get used to,” said Myrick. “Everyone has adapted and we’ve added new weapons like Maddie Hougland. We come together as a team and everything starts to flow and work better.”

Chiles are trending up and have a 4-2 lead in their last six games. The Timberwolves are 5-2 in the new calendar year after suffering losses to Jacksonville’s Providence School (January 7) and Florida High (January 12).

Hartmann, who is in his sophomore year with Chiles, attributes the team’s success to being a season-old grown-up.

“The important thing is that the kids are a year older – a little more mature and understand our system a lot better because they’ve been running it for a year,” he said. “The addition of Maddie Hougland leading offense from the point adds another dimension to our team.”

And now for the home stretch of the regular season for Chile

The Timberwolves’ final four games before the postseason have a pretty quick turnaround.

The first three will be on their way.

“We will probably ride a little shorter (training) so as not to let our legs run out,” said Hartmann. “We’re going to focus a bit more on tendencies and the scouting report of the side we’re playing against. We will keep them focused and accountable.”

They will play a total of four games in a week, starting January 20th at Munroe in Quincy. Then the Timberwolves take on Lincoln on January 23rd and Madison County on January 26th.

Chiles will end their regular season at home against Maclay.

“We know these next games are going to be very tough and we’ve been training for these kinds of games,” said Myrick. “I’m trying to keep the team on par and recognizing that these teams are at the same level as us and we have to play hard to beat them.”

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