Chelsea vs Everton live stream: Here’s how to watch online for free

If you’re hoping to catch the Premier League today, there’s great football in action as Chelsea take on Everton. The television broadcasting is done through the USA Network, which opens up many opportunities to watch the live stream online, including many of the best live TV streaming services. This is great news if you’ve ditched your cable subscription, prefer to watch on a mobile device, or aren’t home when you play the game. There are even a few ways to watch a (legally) free live stream between Chelsea and Everton, so read on for more details.

Watch the live stream between Chelsea and Everton on FuboTV

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One of the best streaming services for sports lovers is FuboTV. FuboTV is also one of the few places where you can watch Chelsea vs Everton game for free. The streaming platform offers a wide variety of sports channels including ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, MLB Network and some Fubo Sports networks but also USA Network where you can watch Chelsea vs Everton live stream. A monthly FuboTV subscription starts at $75, but new subscribers are entitled to a week’s free access with a free trial of FuboTV.

Watch the live stream between Chelsea and Everton on Sling TV

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Sling TV is an all-in-one streaming TV service that USA Network has added to its channel offering. It offers two basic plans to choose from, with the Sling Blue plan being the one you want to watch Chelsea vs Everton on USA Network. Sling is a good platform to consider subscribing to if you like sports in general, as it also includes networks like ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, and TNT in its base plans. Dozens of other channels are also available, and while there’s no Sling TV free trial, subscriptions start at just $40 a month, and discounts are almost always available for first-time subscribers.

Watch the live stream between Chelsea and Everton on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming TV services. It offers a huge library of on-demand content and access to many live sports with its premium Hulu offering with Live TV. This includes access to USA Network and live stream Chelsea vs Everton. Hulu with Live TV doesn’t have a free trial per se, but there is a free trial of Hulu. You can use a free trial of Hulu to see if you like the platform and to get a feel for what type of content is available on the platform. If you like it, you can dive into a Hulu with Live TV subscription for $70 a month.

Watch the live stream between Chelsea and Everton on YouTube with Live TV

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YouTube TV has grown into an incredibly competent streaming platform. In fact, it’s one of the few places where you can watch Chelsea v Everton live stream for free as a free YouTube trial is available for first-time subscribers. YouTube TV has over 100 channels for you to explore, and you can use the free trial to see if a subscription is right for you. Sports lovers will love the inclusion of networks like ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports, and if you’re just looking for a way to watch Chelsea vs Everton online, you’ll love that USA Network is part of the package.

Watch the live stream between Chelsea and Everton from abroad with a VPN

Watching the Chelsea vs Everton game while traveling will probably be a bit more difficult. Streaming platforms often have geo-restrictions on live events, but one way to get around these is with a virtual private network, or VPN. When you combine a VPN with a streaming service like FuboTV, you can watch the Chelsea v Everton game just like you would at home. NordVPN tops the list of best VPN services, and subscribing to the service is quite affordable. NordVPN almost always comes with discounts, and you can even use the service completely free for a month with a NordVPN free trial.

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