Check out Kate Beckinsale doing acroyoga with her cat

Kate Beckinsale definitely knows how to keep her workouts interesting. Earlier this year, she shared a clip of herself doing a gravity-defying core exercise during a workout session. This week, the 48-year-old actress posted a video of her doing yoga outside. After mastering a few standing poses, she takes to the floor to do an acro-yoga pose — with her cat.

In the video, Beckinsale seemingly follows along with a yoga class on her laptop. She starts in a forward bend position, which stretches her back and hamstrings. Then the Lucky coincidence The actress grabs her left big toe with her left hand and strikes an extended hand-to-big-toe pose. After holding this position for a few breaths, she brings her left leg to her left side and opens her hips while holding her toes.

Next, she brings her left leg down to meet her right thigh for a tree pose. From there, Beckinsale extends her left leg behind her, leans forward, and brings her arms out straight to either side in a Warrior III pose, which she holds for a few breaths.

Kate Beckinsale Acroyoga is a hybrid of acrobatics and yoga

The next slide of her Instagram post shows the actress lying on her back on the mat, balancing her cat on her legs as she stretches her arms toward the sky in an acro-yoga front plank. ICYDK, acro-yoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga, usually with a partner. She pauses for a few moments, her cat’s tail wagging in the air, before breaking the pose and bringing her cat down for a kiss.

In case you were curious, this isn’t the first time Beckinsale has included her cat in a training session. Just a few weeks ago, she posted a video of her running on a treadmill with her cat in her arms while playfully plucking a piece of fur from her mouth. “Fitness is our passion,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Seriously, yoga offers some great mental and physical benefits that you can experience with or without an animal by your side. “Incorporating a gentle practice like yoga into your exercise routine can be a really great way to build full-body strength and help you master your mental toughness,” sweat yoga instructor Phyllicia Bonanno previously said shape. Yoga is also unique in that it prioritizes “breathing, calming the mind and finding balance” alongside physical movements, certified yoga teacher Malak Sharaf of Mindful BodyWorks Yoga Studio previously said shape.

Plus, there are benefits to getting your workout outdoors when you can. “To be there [nature] reduces the body’s responsiveness to stress, lowers inflammation and boosts the immune system,” Dr. Eva Selhub, resilience expert and co-author of the book your brain about naturepreviously told shape. Additionally, working out outdoors can make exercise seem easier, leading people who are more motivated to engage in more activity, according to a review of studies published in Extreme Physiology & Medicine.

Other benefits of yoga include promoting better sleep, improving flexibility, and even relieving bloating (yes, really!). So take inspiration from Beckinsale and find a yoga class online that suits your skill level and experience. Then head outside—with or without a pet in tow—to practice in the fresh air.

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