Cardinal Gibbons Head Football Coach Steven Wright Looks Ahead To 2023 Season, Speaks With Qb Whitt Newbauer

Cardinal Gibbons high school football Steven Wright 100 wins
Cardinal Gibbons high school football Steven Wright 100 wins from

Exciting Times for Cardinal Gibbons Football

The Cardinal Gibbons High School football team is gearing up for the 2023 season with high hopes and determination. Head Coach Steven Wright is optimistic about the team’s prospects and has been working hard to prepare the players both physically and mentally for the challenges that lie ahead.

Building a Strong Foundation

Coach Wright believes in building a strong foundation for success, and this starts with recruiting and developing talented players. He has been actively scouting for new talent and has managed to bring in some promising young athletes who will undoubtedly make an impact on the team.

One of the key players Coach Wright is particularly excited about is quarterback Whitt Newbauer. Newbauer has shown great potential, and Coach Wright believes he has what it takes to lead the team to victory.

Preparing for the Season

As the 2023 season approaches, Coach Wright and his coaching staff are working tirelessly to ensure that the team is well-prepared. They have been conducting intense training sessions, focusing on improving the players’ strength, agility, and overall football skills.

Coach Wright believes in the importance of teamwork and has been emphasizing this during practice sessions. He wants every player to understand their role and work together to achieve the team’s goals. By instilling a sense of unity and camaraderie among the players, Coach Wright hopes to foster a winning mentality within the team.

Additionally, Coach Wright has been working closely with Whitt Newbauer to fine-tune his quarterback skills. They have been analyzing game tapes, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies to maximize Newbauer’s effectiveness on the field.

Coach Wright’s Expectations

Coach Wright has high expectations for the 2023 season. He believes that with the right combination of talent, hard work, and dedication, the Cardinal Gibbons football team can make a significant impact in their league.

When asked about his goals for the season, Coach Wright emphasized the importance of taking it one game at a time. He believes in focusing on the present moment and giving their best effort in every match.

Coach Wright also acknowledges the challenges that the team may face, but he remains confident in their ability to overcome them. He believes that adversity is an opportunity for growth and that the team will emerge stronger and more resilient as a result.

Looking Forward to a Successful Season

The Cardinal Gibbons High School football team, led by Head Coach Steven Wright and quarterback Whitt Newbauer, is eagerly anticipating the start of the 2023 season. With their hard work, dedication, and a shared vision for success, they are determined to make this season one to remember.

As the team continues to train and refine their skills, they are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Coach Wright is confident in his players’ abilities and believes that they have what it takes to achieve greatness on the field.

Cardinal Gibbons football fans can look forward to an exhilarating season as the team takes on their rivals, showcases their talent, and strives for victory. With Coach Wright’s leadership and the team’s unwavering commitment, 2023 promises to be a memorable year for Cardinal Gibbons football.

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