Cadets gather for Holy Covenant Day

Cadets gather for Holy Covenant Day

November 25, 2022

The entire Reflectors of Holiness and Messengers of Reconciliation sessions of the cadets at Eva Burrows College yesterday for Covenant Day. Photo: Rhiannon Ross

By Jessica Morris

Four cadets continued to prepare spiritually for their commissioning, ordination and sending ceremonies this weekend by gathering for Covenant Day at Eva Burrows College in Melbourne yesterday.

The day is a sacred rite of passage when cadets sign a covenant committing their lives to God through the work of the Salvation Army before publicly making a profession of faith.

(From left) Cadet Shaun Featherston, Cadet Paul Hardy, Cadet Kirsten Wood and Cadet David Bruford made personal covenants with God on Covenant Day in preparation for their inaugurations this weekend.

Shaun Featherston (messenger of reconciliation), Peter Hardy, Kirsten Wood and David Bruford (Reflectors of Holiness) signed their agreements in front of college staff, Army leaders including Commissioners Janine and Robert Donaldson, friends and family.

“Signing the covenant marks entry into a deeply spiritual relationship with God for sacred service of a certain kind,” said Captain Kylie Herring, the college’s director of officer training.

“Each of our cadets has explored the three areas of formation (personal and spiritual, mission and ministry, education and theology) and worked to integrate what they learned into their ministry and leadership. The Officer Formation Stream prays that the journey has prepared each of them to step into these significant and sacred moments with confidence.”

Each cadet spoke publicly before returning to their hometowns for their respective enlistment ceremonies.

Undoubtedly, the parents or parental figures involved in the lives of the four cadets feel the heaviness of this weekend. They were recognized yesterday during the Covenant Day Silver Star Luncheon.

Each cadet presented their selected parent figures with a silver star and certificate to recognize their contribution to the education of future officers in the Salvation Army.

The cadets signed personal covenants (left) at the start of Covenant Day and signaled their commitment to God’s work through officer positions in the Salvation Army. (Right) The cadets, their family, friends and area leaders were all present at the Silver Star and Covenant Day luncheon at Eva Burrows College.

When they receive a Silver Star, they enter the Order of the Silver Star, founded in 1913 by Evangeline Booth, daughter of co-founders William and Catherine Booth. She famously said, “If there is anything on earth that surpasses man in thought, deed, word, suffering, perseverance and sacrifice, it is a mother’s love.”

For this reason, the Silver Star community initially included only mothers, but later the recognition was extended to include both parents, a mentor, or a spiritual parent.

Salvationists and friends are invited to participate in this weekend in person or online in the commissioning, ordination and sending ceremonies across the country.

Cadet David Bruford
Appointed to the Devonport Corps, Tas
When: Friday 25 November at 7pm (AEDT) by Commissioner Robert Donaldson
Where: Salvation Army Corps, Launceston, 111 Elizabeth Street, Launceston, Tasmania
Watch online:

Cadet Shaun Featherston
Appointed to Sunbury Corps, Vic.
When: Friday 25 November at 7.30pm (AEDT) by Commissioner Janine Donaldson
Where: Brimbank City Corps, 2A Roseleigh Blvd, Sydenham, VIC
Watch online:

Cadet Paul Hardy
Appointed to Fraser Coast Salvos, Qld
When: Sunday 27 November at 10.30am (AEDT) by Commissioner Robert Donaldson
Where: Blacktown City Corps Church, 2 Kempsey Street, Blacktown, New South Wales
Watch online:

Cadet Kirsten Wood
Appointed to Merriwa Corps, WA
When: Sunday 27 November at 10am (AWST) by Commissioner Janine Donaldson
Where: The Salvation Army, Perth Fortress Corps, 333 William Street, Perth, Western Australia
Watch online:

The officer contract:

Called by God to be an officer of the Salvation Army to preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I commit myself to Him in this solemn covenant:

To love Him dearly all my days, to trust and serve Him,

To live to win souls and make their salvation the first goal of my life,

Caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, loving the unloved, and befriending those who have no friends,

To uphold the doctrines and principles of The Salvation Army and, by the grace of God, to prove myself a worthy officer.

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