Britney Spears ‘annoyed’ after wellness check over deleted Instagram: report

Britney Spears was reportedly “upset” that a police officer was forced to perform a wellness check on her after concerned fans called 911.

The “Toxic” singer sparked concern on Wednesday after she deactivated her Instagram account without warning – prompting die-hard fans to call the police.

Sources told TMZ that the singer was upset about the unexpected visit, calling it an “inconvenience.”

“I can confirm that we have received calls into our show, and essentially I can confirm that we do not believe Britney Spears is in any type of harm or danger,” a spokesman for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Page Six on Wednesday.

It is not known how many calls officers have received in connection with the 41-year-old singer.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears was reportedly “upset” that a police officer put her through a wellness check.
Britney Spears / Instagram

The rep added that officials “do not believe Britney Spears is in any form of harm or danger at this time.”

Some concerned fans rushed to TikTok this week to share their concerns about the singer’s well-being, with one fan even going so far as to live stream his call to the police.

Britney Spears
The singer has already deleted her Instagram several times.

“I called because I am concerned about the physical safety of a resident in your area,” one of the callers, who identified herself as “Christina,” said in the now-deleted video.

When asked for a reason for the request, the fan can be heard telling the officer that “there has been suspicious online activity and her account has now been deleted”.

tick tock
Diehard fans dialed 911 and asked police to visit the singer to make sure she was okay.
tick tock
Fans worried about the singer’s well-being after she deleted her Instagram account.

It’s far from the first time Spears has deleted her Instagram in recent years.

A source previously exclusively told Page Six that the mother-of-two takes breaks from social media platforms from time to time.

Just days before deleting her Instagram account this week, the “Gimme More” hitmaker shared a lengthy post highlighting some uncomfortable challenges.

Britney Spears, Sam Asghari
After some fans speculated that her recent falling out with husband Sam Asghari was the reason for her recent posts, he was quick to end the speculation.

“Shit being me,” she wrote in part, before adding, “Giving everything to someone I love just gives me the dagger in my heart!!!”

While the reason for the cryptic caption remains unclear, some fans have speculated that it could be her recent falling out with her husband Sam Asghari after he dumped the “Piece of Me” singer over a meal, prompting fans into their privacy penetrated

However, Asghari quickly put a stop to the rumblings, writing on his Instagram Story: “Don’t believe what you read online folks.”

Page Six has reached out to Spears representatives for comment.

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