Boston Celtics #1 in NBA offseason power rankings; #2 on The Athletic

The Boston Celtics are highly regarded by some of the NBA’s more popular offseason power rankings, as they check in from the top spot in the league’s 2022 offseason power rankings and are just one spot away from pole position in The Athletic’s offseason power rankings .

The Celtics will return nearly every player they saw in the 2022 NBA playoffs postseason minutes in a run that left them two wins short of a championship against the Golden State Warriors and have since had veteran forward Danilo Gallinari on the loose Added agency while trading for Indiana Pacers Floor General Malcolm Brogdon.

Let’s look at the two Celtics assessments mentioned above.

“The team that won the Eastern Conference has three starters who will be 25 or younger on opening night (Brown will be 26 less than a week later),” writes John Schuhmann of

“So, there’s a lot of reason (to hesitate on a Durant trade and) to believe that as the youngsters continue to grow, the Celtics will be better. They fought their way out of the gates last year but should hit the ground running on the bench in coach Ime Udoka’s second season. And it must be reiterated how dominant this team has been after figuring things out (and coming to health): The Celtics were outselling their opponents at 15.5 points per 100 possessions and occupying both ends of the floor in their last 35 games first place.”

“It’s possible Brown’s ball handling won’t get much better, but Brogdon is obviously taking some of the playmaking burden off the young stars’ shoulders while fitting into Boston’s drive-and-kick offense,” the analyst adds added.

“He averaged almost six more drives per game (18.3) than anyone at the Celtics and had the lowest drive turnover rate (4.2 per 100) among 42 players who averaged at least 10 per contest,” notes Schumann.

“The Celtics’ clutch offensive problems seemed to have been more about approach than just makes and misses, but Brogdon is 32-to-84 (38.1%) on clutch 3-pointers (6th best among 64 players with at least 75 attempts) shot over the past five years (including playoffs).”

“You can’t blame a team for wanting Durant, but if the Celtics keep what they’ve got they certainly look like the best team in the East again,” he concludes.

the athlete

“The Boston Celtics have to worry about Brogdon’s availability,” suggests The Athletic’s Zach Harper. “He hasn’t been reliable in years when it comes to staying on the pitch.”

“But considering what the Celtics gave up in exchange for Brogdon joining the squad, it was a no-brainer. When he’s available, he’ll give them one of the deepest backcourts in the NBA. After an NBA Finals, Brad Stevens made the team better. And maybe they even try again and again Kevin Durant? The effect of reports that continue over the years becomes interesting Jaylen Brown to dangle to acquire superstars.”

“It happened to Danny Ainge, and it’s happening to Stevens,” recalls The Athletic analyst.

“One can argue to keep that core together after the first year under Ime Udoka,” he adds.

“You can argue getting someone like Durant, even if it means giving up Brown. The Celtics don’t expect to remain the best team in the east because they made it to the finals.”

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