Boca Raton Football head coach David Angell is stepping down after three seasons

Assistant Alex Savakinas is expected to take over as Angell’s head coach.


Boca Raton Football head coach David Angell announced Thursday that he is stepping down from the Bobcats program to spend more time with family.

Angell’s letter to his players and their families was shared on the team’s Twitter page.

“We’ve done a great job here at Boca High in building a lasting family,” Angell said, while acknowledging that after three years in sunny South Florida, it was time to put his family first off the field.

Assistant Alex Savakinas is expected to take over as Boca Raton Football head coach.

The announcement comes less than a week after Palm Beach County’s first coaching change of the season at Olympic Heights, who parted ways with Brandon Knight.

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Who is the new coach?

Angell told players, parents and staff that the Bobcats are in “wonderful hands” under Savakinas and the team will “benefit tremendously from his leadership.”

Angell’s journey from family to football began in Ohio. Before being hired from Boca Raton High in February 2020, Angell was the defensive backs coach at Division III Kenyon College.

Between the five coaching positions he’s held throughout Buckeye State, Angell made some contacts he trusted to be on his first coaching staff in Wild West, Florida. One of them was Savakinas, now the county’s youngest head coach at just 26 years old.

He knows the role isn’t an opportunity many 26-year-old coaches get. Especially in the hotbed Florida.

“He recommended me to be the next head coach and had some conversations with Dr. [Suzanne] King and they came to me the other day and wanted me to take over the program,” Savakinas said.

“Obviously I said yes,” Savakinas said. “We do this for the kids and I absolutely love the kids that we have at Boca. They are great boys and they are growing into young men and I like being a part of this journey with them.”

Savakinas has been in the program since Angell three years ago but was recently appointed sporting director after Boca’s original hiring fell through to replace Brandon Walker, now head football coach at Park Vista.

“I work at school during the day, so it’s just been a good transition, and Dr. King has placed a lot of trust in me and once again I cannot thank her enough for the opportunities that have been given to me. ‘ said Savakinas.

With the goal of fully focusing on football in 2023, Savakinas expects to give up his duties as sporting director after this school year.

What is the plan?

Boca is losing 19 seniors who have seen the Bobcats go 20-10 in the years since Angell ahead of a pandemic-modified 2020 season.

Luckily for Savakinas, he’s been with the kids long enough to know he’s in good hands too, and Boca’s case will be more of a reboot than a rebuild.

“I feel like it’s going to be a pretty smooth transition for us at Boca and I think that’s one of the good things about coach Angell bringing me here and now that I can take over the program is that they will keep hearing the same things,” Savakinas said.

“We’re going to keep preaching 1-0 and the things we’re doing, but now we just have to find a way to be more consistent in the games we’re not supposed to win and in our week in and week out,” Savakinas said recalled that there were almost as many Impact underclassmen on the field as there were seniors.

Highlighting freshman quarterback Chance Routson and returning linemen like Brody Costolo, Savakinas said it will be up to these big contributors to “step up” and make sure the Bobcats “do what they need to do in the offseason to build themselves.” to fix”. that Boca can have a more successful season.

what happened before

Though a 6-5 record this season was the program’s worst since 2018, when the Bobcats finished 5-5, the Bobcats still got into the victory column, missing out on winning the district title by a point and entering for the second time Follow in the playoffs on FHSAA state series.

“In the last three years we’ve had a lot of success. We’ve built this tradition of winning,” said Savakinas. “Last season we struggled to win the games we weren’t supposed to win and I think that’s the next big step for us at Boca.”

That fateful October night when a senior Santaluces claimed the district championship was one of those games.

“We have to find a way to win,” said Savakinas. “We’re not putting ourselves in the right situations so we’ve got to get that consistency week in and week out and if we can do that I think we’ll be able to get over that hump and get that playoff win, the we’ve been hunting.”

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