Beginner Tips & Tricks for Hard West 2

Hard West 2 pits your squad against the meanest gunslingers, monsters, and demons the frontier has to offer. The game rewards risky, aggressive tactics, but a single mistake or bad throw can put characters in mortal danger. If you want to survive the ghost train hunt, you’ll need all the help you can get.

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Hard West 2 uses several systems that make its combat unique among tactical games. If you’re having trouble with some of the game’s earlier battles (and trust us, your enemies aren’t hitting you), try some of these tips and tricks to even the odds.

Move, shoot, bravado, repeat

Characters have a very limited supply of AP, which means that under normal circumstances not be able to perform too many actions in one turn. Moving more than one AP distance usually prevents characters from attacking, so it’s best to do it find a reasonable position and shoot from there until it’s safe to continue.


Triggering Bravado is the only real way to get everything done in time. Whenever a hero knocks down another character, they will Enter Bravado, fully fill up their AP. This effectively resets her turn, and if you get another kill, you will Enter Bravado again.

Heroes will enter Bravado even if they knock out a teammate. The victim hero needs some serious healing after the fight, but trapping an ally in an area of ​​effect like Dynamite can be worth it if it means you can combo and kill more baddies.

An ideal move is to move one AP, kill an enemy to trigger Bravado, and repeat the process as many times as possible. With this strategy, you can push further forward while reducing enemy numbers. Once you run out of possible Bravado triggers, try using it heads down with your last AP to take a defensive position – this extra miss chance can and will save your characters life!

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You will find several shops throughout the Hard West. Each has a unique inventory, so be sure to check them all out to see what they have to offer. In many cases, you can find tools such as pickaxes and ropes for sale. These usually run around ten dollars and you you should always buy them if you have the opportunity.

Tools are invariably used as quest items, and having one in your inventory when you find an interesting spot on the map usually unlocks new options and rewards. This always means a return that far exceeds the original $10 spent First, visit the shops and clean them of tools and supplies.

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Look for ricochets

Most handguns and even some rifles can do this bounce off surrounding objects, which allows you to bypass enemy cover. When a weapon’s attack icon is displayed a bullet bouncing off a wallthis weapon can be used to ricochet.

Objects within a character’s line of sight that can ricochet are outlined in red, and you’ll have much more success if you take them into account when planning your move. You can even Bounce off multiple objects with the same bulletalthough you’ll probably need to expend luck to get a hit this way.

Remember, if it has nothing else to do with a character’s AP, a low hit chance is better than no chance at all. If you miss, the character gets luck for the next round.

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Use skills often

Each member of the squad has a unique ability that, when used correctly, can completely turn the tide of a gunfight. Skills generally have short cooldowns, so use them aggressively to gain the advantage and push.

With the possible exception of Laughing Deer’s melee attack, skills don’t often result in an unprepared kill, but are amazing for creating and finishing combos. For example, you can have Flynn Shadow swap an enemy within range of their alliesthen have Gin and/or Old Man Bill unleash their area attacks to finish off the primary target and everyone else nearby!

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Characters don’t level up

Gin and his squad are some of the toughest outlaws out west – they’re already at the top of their game and as such there’s no experience system. Characters can be upgraded by swapping out their gear and cards, but at the end of the day, their abilities remain the same throughout the story.

This means you don’t have to worry about characters falling behind the rest of the team in terms of leveling up. You have the freedom to do so Always choose the best characters for the job in forming your squad.

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Optimize before each fight

Before you enter the fight, the game always gives you the opportunity to do so Swap gear and choose your team. Check your loadout every time and make sure you do it equip characters that will not participate.

This is especially true for maps. For most of the game, it’s not enough for every character to have a consistent hand, so make sure your entire deck is being used by your active team. For best results, Discard every card and build your squad’s hands from scratch. This allows you to optimize your build for the particular challenge ahead.

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Learn to use Lazarus

The gun-wielding, demon-hunting Preacher is a late addition to the squad, not joining well into the game’s second chapter. However, once Lazarus is on your team, he completes your toolbox by providing some much-needed healing.

However, Lazarus isn’t a standard RPG healer – he’s one of the game’s most complex characters to use in combat. Learning to use your skills effectively is one of the best decisions you can make in Hard West 2.

Lazarus’ Transfusion skill lets him Trade HP total and status effects with a teammate. Cover him up with a good supply of whiskey and bandages and he can keep your frontline characters like Laughing Deer or Old Man Bill out of harm’s way with ease.

When Old Man Bill’s HP is critically low, let him use it Revenge of the Dead before Lazarus trades places with him; Bill’s ultimate attack does more damage as its HP dropsso make the most of it before you heal yourself!

As long as Lazarus’ hand is a straight or better, he gains the ability to do so Also use Transfusion on enemies. Have the Preacher tend an injured teammate’s wounds, then send him to an enemy with full HP to prime another character for Bravado!

When not juggling HP totals, Lazarus should at least fight with a decent handgun or melee weapon; Whenever he kills an opponent, he wins patches, which restores four HP per turn until it expires. Since patch is a status effect, so can it Use Transfusion to transfer regeneration to a teammate. Once you’ve mastered the playstyle of Lazarus, you’ll have little to fear from the creatures of the hard west!

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