Beginner tips for La Pucelle: Ragnarok

It doesn’t matter if you are new La Pucelle: Ragnarok or La Pucelle altogether, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of combat information and accompanying gameplay mechanics when playing through the game for the first time. Tutorials at the beginning of the first chapter do as good a job as possible to convey the general concepts, but there is a difference between knowing, for example, that Dark Portals exist and being a pro at tilting them exactly that way, as you prefer .

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Over the course of our time with La Pucelle: Ragnarok, we’ve noticed a few things that should help you get your bearings in this massive and complex JRPG. Now pay attention, Prier. That comes to the test.


Go all out, almost every time

There’s little reason not to give your best in every fight. The common wisdom of many strategy-centric RPGs is that patience and perseverance is required over the long term as fights will come back-to-back. And while yes, there will be times when a single encounter is so exhausting that you need to tread carefully, you’ll still want to use everything in your arsenal every time.

That’s because La Pucelle: Ragnarok kindly lets players return to the map at almost any point, thereby fully filling up your party. A breath of fresh air is obviously all that’s needed to keep heroines and friends in tip-top shape.

Get the High Ground (and keep it too)

Height is important in many strategy games, but it’s often about accuracy or small damage increases or something equally small. Standing over your opponent won’t break La Pucelle’s difficulty right away or anything, but it’s more valuable to aim for than elsewhere in the genre as the damage increase is more substantial.

You may notice that in earlier battles you often start with the high ground. If you’re having problems, don’t be ashamed because this game can really throw an ax at times, It’s a smart idea to stay where you are and let the enemy come to you. To a certain degree. La Pucelle ensures that “turtle” (staying completely in one place) is ultimately ineffective as his Dark Portals continue to pump out monsters until they are sealed.

What is the golden rule? Hold on to the high ground with a few units while the rest go about sealing. Once you’re strong enough, you won’t have to rely as much on high-altitude drills, but if you can take it from the enemy, by all means do it.

Grind smart

There’s a temptation to grind in La Pucelle: Ragnarok, and not without reason. It’s hardly “the dark souls” of strategy RPGs, if you’ll forgive us for borrowing a jaded twist, but let’s just say if you buy it as a bundle with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, you’ll notice a steep difference in difficulty between the pairs.

for starters, There is no need to add experience points to individual battles. It’s better to seal dark portals and end encounters, then dive back in via the map screen selection menu. This keeps Prier’s team on top form as often as possible and gives you more scope to experiment.

But that’s not all. Building up weapon stats and such is a guaranteed way to greatly strengthen the squad. That’s why mass miracles are worth trying. Wipe out entire legions of enemies at once and reap rich rewards in the process? Few feats in La Pucelle: Ragnarok are that fabulous, let alone worth it.

Graft Great Gear

We’re pushing the limits of how to label each section with the letter “g” and we’re not exactly sure why we’re even doing that, but here we are. You know that seedy fellow at the Rosenqueen Shop in the town where the story begins? Talk to him if you haven’t already, and he’ll walk you through a long, somewhat complicated process to increase the power of your weapons.

From the moment you become immersed in its lessons, you can build gear that is head and shoulders superior to most, if not all, things a dungeon offers at a similar point in history.

Giant friends are to be used sparingly

La Pucelle: Ragnarok is making a big deal out of the ability to purify monsters to join, and there’s no reason not to because monsters are cool to run around with, and for Prier and his friends it all feels fitting . While monsters do serve their purpose from time to time, we prefer to use the game’s main story characters more often. Also, there are all those shiny cameo character options that are also new in the Ragnarok version of La Pucelle.

It’s not even a purely narrative preference. These characters are just more capable, almost everywhere. They bring more to the table, offer a greater wealth of gaming options, and a frankly superior experience.

However, there’s no harm in throwing in monsters or even the whole game from time to time. It’s entirely up to you, but by all means refrain from neglecting the named people altogether. Oh, and Prinny totally counts, dood.

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