BCI Debates: Boston College Football & EA Sports

Joe: Alright friends, as EA Sports brings back college football, what elements would you like to see as part of the BC rendering?

Arthur: I would say the most ubiquitous thing about alumni is that they can see the campus from the stadium, I hope they work hard to emulate that.

Joe: The best serious suggestion I have would be to make sure the Red Bandana game is included in season mode or as a playable game, with dialogue about Welles Crowther, a night game, the jerseys, etc.

Arthur: Another is the Flynn Fund banner, a BC quirk that is easy to identify. You don’t think about it, but when you see it, you immediately know what and where it is.

Joe: Also Mr. Brightside in the last minutes of the first half. A little glimpse of the Boston skyline in the distance behind the res would be great too.

Arthur: I like it!

Grant: A realistic environment (campus, Boston in the distance) should really be doable. They already had a campus in the older games, which showed up pretty accurately.


Joe: I’m sure they’ll only do one band halftime show so it should probably be the Dropkick Murphys.

Arthur: I would also like them to render Conte if they could. I think it would be a good cutscene.

Niraj: I like what I’ve heard so far. In theory, I’d appreciate it if they somehow included the soon-to-be pavilion (the Fischfeldhaus, of course). Must show people all the facilities. I don’t remember if they showed the Flutie statue and some retired numbers but that would be nice.

Laura: Any players you’re excited to feature in the game or teams you’d like to play BC against?

Arthur: I would really like to play a BC Georgia Tech game at Bobby Dodd. I hope the development team tries hard, this stadium is really cool. It’s funny, a lot of the stadiums that resources are put into (Alabama, Penn State, etc.) are so big that the world outside the stadium doesn’t matter. The ways to shine are in capturing the details of the world outside of mid-sized stadiums and making them more identifiable.

Joe: Oh I think it would be pretty cool to include the eagle walk as a scene for audition or whatever. Maybe the BC intros could be a mix of the Eagle Walk, a shot of the mods, or something about Boston with the skyline in the distance.

Laura: Oooh the Eagle Walk would be a super cool intro scene.

Joe: Or a quick comment on the Ice Bucket Challenge promoting a donation to ALS research.

Arthur: With QR code to donate!

Joe: Even better!

Arthur: I think having the flags with the BC schedule would be cool too. Especially in seasonal mode when the schedule changes from year to year.

Joe: I don’t think “the bell” was a thing the last time they did an NCAA football video game. But it’s definitely a thing now, and it would be cool to include it.
Maybe background noise from fans yelling DOWN IN FRONT during the third downs. I won’t lie, I take pleasure in unleashing a DOWN IN FRONT when warranted, like people walking down the aisle gaping in the middle of a play.

Joe: I liked it back then that you could reschedule the conferences and I’d like to add it so you can get everyone to go to big conferences, but UConn still doesn’t get invited to any of them.

What are you most hoping for from the latest NCAA game? Let us know in the comments!

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