Baylor vs. Texas Prediction, Odds, Selection

The Baylor Bears take on the Texas Longhorns. Check out our college football odds series for our Baylor Texas prediction and selection.

The Baylor Bears held an eight-point lead over the TCU Horned Frogs late in the fourth quarter last week. The Bears had a very difficult season, but they came close to rescuing it with an excitement of a bitter state rival who played Baylor when the two schools were in the old Southwest Conference. The grievances and animosity between Baylor and TCU run deep. Kicking the Horned Frogs out of the College Football Playoff would have been sweet.

Then everything collapsed in the final minutes. The Bears allowed a touchdown. TCU missed the 2-point conversion, but Baylor had to post another first down to seal the win. It couldn’t. TCU got the ball back and drove down the field and continued running with their field goal unit in the last 10 seconds with no time out. The Horned Frogs scored a field goal in the final game to stun Baylor 29-28. The Bears were a “close but not quite” team for most of the season. They were competitive but couldn’t finish the 50-50 games on their schedule. A year ago, coach Dave Aranda graced the narrow margins of victory and defeat en route to the Big 12 title and the Sugar Bowl. This year, Baylor has been living on the wrong side of those margins.

Texas has had another disappointing season, although it must be said that this particular trip is comparatively less disappointing than other recent seasons in Austin. Texas has a talented freshman quarterback, Quinn Ewers, with a bowl game to look forward to. He can train in December and then go into springball as a much improved quarterback who can hone his skills and use his instincts for his second season in 2023. Texas has recruited well under coach Steve Sarkisian, creating the clear possibility that could bring home good results next year. However, fans on the 40 Acres are tired of thinking about next year. You want to be successful this year. Texas can’t do better than 8-4 in the 12-game regular season. This is not successful.

Here are the Baylor Texas NCAA Football Odds, Courtesy of FanDuel.

College Football Odds: Baylor-Texas Odds

Baylor Bears: +8.5 (-110)

Texas Longhorns: -8.5 (-110)

Above: 55.5 (-106)

Below: 55.5 (-114)

Why Baylor could cover the spread

The Bears get more than one touchdown against a Texas team that has lost four games and has been blatantly inconsistent this season. Baylor has had a hard time winning games this season, but playing against good teams hasn’t been BU’s main problem. Dave Aranda will set this team up for Texas and put up a very good fight, win or lose.


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Why Texas Might Cover the Spread

Baylor left everything it had on the field against TCU and came up short. Baylor will be drained physically and emotionally, allowing Texas – who had a very easy and comfortable game against Kansas last week – to roar past the Bears and win that game decisively.

Baylor-Texas final prediction and selection

This is a stay-away game because both teams are fundamentally unreliable. If you insist on picking, the Baylor case theory is a little more compelling than the Texas case… but again, don’t put much faith in either team.

Baylor-Texas final prediction and selection: Baylor +8.5

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