Auburn football fans react to Tuskegee HC calling out Nick Saban

Auburn football fans were busy Tuesday afternoon after seeing Tuskegee HC’s Reginald Ruffin call Nick Saban over his allegations of illegal recruiting practices against Jackson State HC and fellow HBCU sideline leader Deion ‘Prime Time’ Sanders last week.

In a post on Facebook, Ruffin enthusiastically shared his thoughts that Saban should have chosen his words more wisely. He later called him about Alabama’s refusal to play statewide HBCUs:

“Sometimes you say things you don’t really mean and it hurts people or loved ones. Coach Saban shouldn’t have said anything about other coaches, teams or players. Just say you’re sorry in public and go to your AD’s office and say, “We have to play all FCS HBCUs in Alabama state because we’re the only university in the state that’s not in Alabama States.” or Alabama A&Ms plays in our great condition.”

Auburn football fans are sparking debate about the story on Twitter

Justin Lee, whose Opelika-Auburn News article publicized the call-put, sparked much debate over the comments and whether it’s even worth competing against FCS teams for top Power Five programs:

Needless to say, things got hot…

Months before the Tigers go into battle with their 2022 opponents, members of Auburn Football Twitter clash head-on with their peers.

Please get statistics here, September.

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