Atato, Provider Of Cryptocurrency Custody And Wallets, Raises $6M In Series A Funding

Atato Announces a $6M Series A Raise Led by AlphaLab Capital and FEBE Ventures for its Multi-Party Computational Institutional Grade Custody for Any Blockchain or Token.

The round includes investors such as Tom Trowbridge, NGC Metaverse Ventures, January Capital, SOSV, and other venture funds and angels backing Atato’s crypto infrastructure custody product.

Atato, a licensed digital asset custodian offering MPC custody solutions for businesses and institutions, today announced the completion of its successful Series A round, reaffirming bullish sentiment for infrastructure projects in blockchain-related markets.

“In bear markets, crypto adoption scales as infrastructure develops.”

Led by AlphaLab Capital and FEBE Ventures, Atato’s Series A round included top-tier investors such as Tom Trowbridge, NGC Ventures, January Capital, Babel Finance and Atato’s seed investor SOSV.

“The fact that we have instilled investor confidence in the current market conditions is a clear validation of Atato’s long-term roadmap and vision,” said Guillaume Le Saint, Founder and CEO of Atato with a highly cost-effective solution with enterprise-grade security and Regulatory compliance that supports digital assets and interacts with Web3.0 and DeFi. Our product offerings are well positioned to add value to an underserved market segment looking to explore decentralized finance with Atato’s dedicated custody solution.”

Atato’s fully regulated custodial solution goes beyond enabling institutions to securely manage their digital assets by combining enterprise-class security with MPC technology and customizable roles and transaction policies. This reduces the traditional risk of private seed phrase/key management and counteracts the risks of human error or misconduct.

“We are impressed with Atato’s user-friendly onboarding and user interface, which also allows API access for power users – a unique feature in the market,” said Michal Krasnodebski, COO of AlphaLab Capital, “Bring Your Own Chain is also available for institutional clients who are interested in being transformative get involved and support new chains and projects.”

Atato’s regulatory advantage and unique service offerings for an MPC custody solution is a major game changer for securing and executing digital asset transactions. With more companies looking to expand their services to crypto but hesitant due to lack of infrastructure, Atato’s timely appearance truly fills a pressing market need with a solution that simplifies the management and security of their digital assets.

As the first custodian in the world to offer Bring Your Own Chain / Bring Your Own Token services, Atato’s strategic investors are already involved in development trials by inviting their clients to integrate their projects with Atato. This is also helped by Atato’s attractive fee model, which is a flat fee based on the number of wallets, rather than the usual AUM (assets under management) and transaction percentage fees.

“We believe that the market has matured to a certain extent that Atato’s services are not only desired but also required in the current market. As a blockchain security provider – we recognize the need for users to add their own tokens or chains to their wallet, regardless of volume or acceptance – customers who participated in our beta were able to add any token with one click – something that previously was impossible.” said Maxime Paul, co-founder of Atato.

“In bearish markets, crypto adoption scales as infrastructure develops,” Maxime said. “We see well-funded projects with strong foundations evolving during this time – Atato will continue to support their development with our resources and technology.”

speak on the occasion Olivier Raussin from FEBE Ventures, said: “With nearly a decade of blockchain experience, the founders of Atato have been consistent and have a clear, actionable roadmap that inspires trust. We look forward to supporting Atato’s growth in the early stages.”

The Atato Series A funds raised are intended to further expand Atato’s product offering and accelerate the completion of existing beta development products. These include retail development, user growth, geographic expansion and talent acquisition. Atato’s workforce has almost tripled in the three years of development.

The full group of investors includes: AlphaLab Capital, FEBE Ventures, Babel Finance, NGC Metaverse Ventures, NFT1, Huashan Capital, Tom Trowbridge, Wing Vasiksiri, January Capital, as well as SOSV and prominent angel investors such as Dan Bertoli and others from the gaming and financial services industries.

About Atato

Atato is a cryptocurrency custody and wallet provider. Our apps allow individuals and businesses to securely store, transact and manage digital assets, as well as access DeFi, NFTs and all decentralized applications. Our mission is to support the next 100 million blockchain users. Singapore-based atato was founded in 2018 and has run several flagship blockchain projects in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit

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