“Aryabhata invented Zero…”: Pepsi India joke sparks an epic meme fest across the internet

What tickles the funny bone of social media users on Twitter is unpredictable to anyone online. However, trust that desi memers will take anything random to inspire the next big meme trend on the platform. The latest is “Aryabhata memes,” thanks to a contribution from Pepsi India.

While there appears to be no apparent connection between the Indian mathematician and astronomer and the drink, a tongue-in-cheek tweet from the brand sparked a plethora of reactions online.

In their usual way of pushing one of their products, the company combined wit and humor with a certain Desi connection. Discussing her “zero calorie” diet drink, the brand tweeted, “Sources say Aryabhata invented zero just to count the number of calories in Pepsi Black.”

Aryabhata, the first of the great mathematician-astronomers of the classical age of Indian mathematics and astronomy, is often credited with inventing the number zero. This is a claim disputed by many historians of different cultures, who have argued that it can be traced back to several ancient civilizations.

On Tuesday night, however, Twitter was more interested in why Aryabhata spotted it just like the soft drink company. Tweeple was inspired by them and developed their own takes. “Aryabhatta made up zero just to show the importance I have in my family,” one wrote, commenting with self-deprecating humor. Another lamented: “Aryabhatta ko ek idea aya (Aryabhatta has an idea) and now I have to work daily to add more zeros to my bank account…”

Check out some of the funniest memes here:

The last time a fizzy drink was unleashed waves of memes was online when star soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo removed Coca-Cola bottles and replaced them with water at Euro 2020.

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