Arkansas Football: Razorbacks Pro Day

Spring football is a good time.

And NFL scouts flocked to Fayetteville to watch 14 Razorbacks play Arkansas Pro Day.

Our Connor Goodson gave a great breakdown leading up to the Pro Day, outlining the combination results of all 14 players. Of course, Drew Sanders is the star of the day as he is the only player in the 2022 squad likely to be selected in the first round.

Wide receivers Matt Landers and Jaden Haselwood have opportunities to really stock up in the draft over the next few weeks. Both have the NFL size and playmaking skills that scouts are looking for.

Offensive lineman Rick Stromberg could also be a sleeper in the upcoming draft and potentially join Sanders in the first round. He’s a smart, tough offensive lineman that scouts rarely skip.

Let’s see how all the Razorbacks fared on Wednesday’s pro day.

Drew Sanders-LB

Sanders had a chance to show off his athleticism today after missing on-field activity at the NFL Combine. In front of 32 scouts, he ran a 4.59 40-yard dash with a 37-inch vertical jump. Everyone knows Sanders is a great natural soccer player, but numbers like this add to his draft stash.

Jaden Haselwood-WR

Haselwood wasn’t happy with his performance at the combine, so he went to the lab for two weeks and improved his 40s time from a 4.66 to a 4.47. Stock rise for Haselwood.

Matt Lander-WR

Landers did nothing to hurt its stocks, having already caught the eye at the combine after posting a 4.37. Lander is ready to know where he will land. Hope the fear doesn’t scare off the scouts.

Ricky Stomberg-OL

Stromberg was good at his blocking drills and updated the media on his physical preparation for the NFL by shedding body fat and adding muscle to the 6’3″ 310lb frame. Someone’s gonna get a good football player.

Tyshon Morris-WR

Morris ran a 4.56 but stumbled a few times on his previous attempts.

Dalton Wagner-OL

Wagner once again gave an impressive performance in front of Boy Scouts. The all-SEC offensive lineman increased his vertical jump by two inches to 27.5, which is very impressive for his 6’3″, 318lb frame.

Terry Hampton-DL

Hampton knows that to make good defensive tackle in the NFL, you need two offensive linemen. Hampton’s strength was evident as he benched 225 pounds 33 times. Stock price rise for Hampton.

Bijhon Jackson-DL

Jackson joined Hampton on the bench in the strongman competition, pumping 225 pounds 32 times. It’s safe to say they are gym brothers.

Dorian Gerald-DE

Gerald had a rough time during his pro day, but he worked hard on all of his drills that most good scouts appreciate.

Bumper Pool – LB

Pool is the X-Factor of this year’s group of draftees. The pool season ended early with an injury, and there was talk of him becoming the Razorbacks coach. He did not perform as he is still recovering from hip surgery.

Latavious Brini – DB

Brini impressed scouts in position drills. He’s a talented defenseman who has the size to work with big receivers in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if it goes higher than expected.

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire

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