Arcade games for home

Home is where the heart is, and so is the fun when you add one of these classics

When we were kids, our parents weren’t fans of those loud, noisy machines that entertained us long before the internet existed. Now that we’re adults, we can play them whenever we want, even at home – if we can get our kids to take our turn!

Or be the best boss ever and add one to the office break room.

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slam dunk

Hall of Games arcade basketball game for 2 players


Arcade games are a proven way to improve hand-eye coordination, but this game takes it to a much higher level by engaging your entire body. With Twin Hoops, you can compete with friends or simply switch between them to unwind after a hard day’s work. Unlike many other arcade games, this one doesn’t have flashing lights or loud buzzers, just the satisfying sound of the ball flying through the net and watching your scores go up on the LED scoreboard.

Suncoast Cocktail Arcade
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A high-tech coffee table

3 Sided Cocktail Arcade Machine


Your friends might suspect you’ve “borrowed” this classic game from a nearby pub because it has everything found on commercial machines except a quarter coin slot. It features two sets of controls to allow two-person play in horizontal mode or use as a single player in vertical mode. More than 1,000 games including Pac-Man, Frogger, Dig Dug, Asteroids and many more will keep even the most demanding gamer addicted. The added Bluetooth option makes it possible to play your favorite music between games.

Jurassic Park pinball
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Velociraptors in the playroom!

Jurassic Park pinball machine by Stern


Pinball wizards will step back in time 65 million years to Isla Nubar and experience the thrill of being chased by dinosaurs every time they play this arcade-style slot. A roaring T-Rex dominates the playfield as players flip fins to trap the raptors in their enclosure. Flashing lights, movie-themed music, and loud ping as balls bounce off interactive targets make for a lively and immersive experience.

Barrington Vintage 10' Role and Score Game
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Bowling with a twist

Barrington Coventry Collection 10′ role and scoring game


In this game of skill, players must roll a ball across the 10-foot wooden deck to make it bounce up the ramp and into the scoring rings, protected by a metal cage. High scores are rewarded with exciting sound effects. The LED scoreboard, beautiful oak finish and antique-style graphics give it a classic look straight out of a 1950’s arcade, making it great decor for a man cave or a prime spot in the family entertainment room.

Legends Ultimate
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The real arcade experience

Legends Ultimate


Many of us spent countless hours playing stand-up arcade games virtually identical to this one, turning stacks of quarter coins into flashing lights and throbbing sound effects, and manipulating the trackball, spinners, and joysticks. Equipped with a 24-inch high-definition screen and stereo speakers, it’s an ideal way to liven up a home entertainment room or office break room. It’s ready to play more than 300 games including the classic Space Invaders, Tetris and Centipede, with an additional 200 available through ArcadeNet.

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