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Enthusiastic fans of NBA 2K23 In MyTEAM mode, packs, players, boosts and all sorts of different freebies can be earned through the game’s Locker Code system. In MyTEAM, players can compile a roster of NBA stars from throughout basketball history and create a fully customizable team of star players to compete against other teams both offline and online. However, in order to reach the highest tiers of this competition, players must expand their card collection and earn new packs and players by completing MyTEAM agenda challenges to earn XP. With the throng players must endure, Locker Codes are a highly reliable source of free items that can give players the boosts they need while adapting to all of the brand new changes made to MyTEAM in NBA 2K23.


As the latest entry in the long runner NBA 2K Franchise, NBA 2K23 arguably has a lot going for it as the long history of the series stretches back to 1999 and sequels have been released every year since then. The special MyTEAM mode was first introduced in NBA 2K13 and involves players forming their own basketball teams with NBA players past and present by purchasing card packs containing a random selection of items including player cards. Players can create their own teams and participate in games and tournaments both offline and online. To help players, 2K regularly releases new Locker Codes that players can redeem in-game for additional packs, items, and the game’s Virtual Currency (VC).

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As such, locker codes are a great way for players to start adding more than NBA 2K23 top rookie players on their lineups. Free codes are actually a feature in many other games, even outside of the sports sim genre. Similar to these codes, Locker Codes are usually time-limited upon release, requiring players to keep up quite a bit to claim all of the rewards on offer.

All NBA 2K23 Locker Codes for October 2022

As of this writing, these are all active locker codes that players can redeem NBA 2K23. Players should note the expiration dates of these codes and redeem them before time runs out.

locker code Reward expiry date

The main source of locker codes for NBA 2K23 is the NBA 2K MyTEAM Twitter Account that regularly releases new codes that players can redeem. To redeem codes, players should launch the game and switch to MyTEAM mode. Under the MyTEAM Community Hub, players can select the Locker Code tab. From this point it’s a simple slam dunk and players should be able to enter their codes and claim their free rewards. The rewards for redeeming locker codes can vary quite a bit, with players in the past being able to earn everything from additional packs to XP boosts and VC.

It is advisable that players do not wait when a new code comes out; everything included will surely come in handy at some point NBA 2K23, even if players don’t necessarily engage with MyTEAM. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a regular schedule for rolling in and rolling out new codes. Therefore, it is recommended that players who want to earn faster VC engage with them NBA 2K23 2KTV’s Q&A sessions where they can show off or engage with their basketball trivia skills NBA 2K23 Music quiz minigame meanwhile.

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Source: NBA 2K MyTEAM on Twitter

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