Analyst identifies HBAR, ADA and LINK for CoinEdition’s instant price rally

  • The CryptoBusy host has identified three altcoins with unprecedented buying potential.
  • According to Josh, HBAR, ADA and LINK are the hottest coins in the crypto market.
  • The crypto market is up about 0.2% overall at the time of analysis.

Josh, a channel host on CryptoBusy, has identified three altcoins with unprecedented buying potential in the current market conditions. According to the crypto analyst, Hedera (HBAR), Cardano (ADA) and Chainlink (LINK) are the hottest coins that are currently “buying”.

In a recent YouTube video, Josh noted that the three coins are the biggest gainers in the crypto market, which are up around 0.2% overall at the time of analysis.

Josh’s first choice is HBAR, the native coin for the Hedera blockchain. According to its developers, Hedera is an enterprise-class public network for the decentralized economy. It is a network for individuals and companies to build powerful decentralized applications (DApps).

According to Josh, HBAR is one of the coins with great potential after falling from an all-time high (ATH) of $0.5839 to a current price of $0.0718. The drawdown represents a drop of over 87%, leaving plenty of ground for the token to return to the top. Josh also noted that as a top 30 cryptocurrency, HBAR is a safe buy for interested investors.

Josh’s next call is ADA, the token for the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, Cardano ADA is currently ranked 7th on CoinmarketCap with a trading price of $0.3918 at the time of writing. This price also represents a fall of more than 87% from an ATH of $3.0994.

According to Josh, if the ongoing developments and blockchain updates within the Cardano network continue, the price of ADA could go as high as $5 in the upcoming bull run.

At $7.562, Josh believes LINK, the platform token for Chainlink, is poised for a significant upside push. The current LINK price is 85.92% below its ATH. He also believes that LINK’s increase in trading volume and technical setup will position the 19th-ranked cryptocurrency to generate significant gains in the upcoming bull run.

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