Afro Deli Owner Named Minnesota’s Small Business Owner of the Year

Abdirahman Kahin wasn’t a chef in 2010 – he was just a man with an idea. That idea eventually led to his being named Minnesota’s Small Business Person of the Year for 2023 last week.

“I was very happy and still cherish this moment,” said Abdirhaman, CEO and owner of Afro Deli and Grill. “And I think someone deserved it, and that happened to be me.”

His small restaurant empire, Afro Deli, began as Abdirhaman’s desire to fill a gap in the Twin Cities’ food scene. He wanted to share the taste of Africa. And he began in 2010 by opening the restaurant’s first location in Minneapolis’ Cedar Riverside neighborhood.

“The representation of the food scene was, you know, very thin,” Abdirhaman said. “So I saw an opportunity, even though I’m not a chef, but I had this idea.”


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