A video of a Tennessee man picking up two bags of chips dropped by a shoplifter surfaced online after the arrest

Tennessee man Joseph Braswell was arrested earlier this month after he ate two bags of chips that were dropped by a shoplifter while he stole an entire display of potato chips.

According to Fox News, on Feb. 9, 2023, a thief allegedly got into an argument with a clerk at a Circle K grocery store in Tennessee after she refused to sell him a beer. The disgruntled customer then retaliated against the store by stealing an entire case of potato chips that contained at least a hundred bags.

Surveillance video showed the alleged thief leaving the store with the display case and pushing it into his car parked in front of the store. Footage showed the thief dragging the suitcase when a couple of bags fell off before pushing it into the back seat of the car.

The video also showed Joseph Braswell picking up a few packages scattered on the floor.

Tennessee man charged with stealing goods for eating stolen bag of chips

Joseph Braswell, 36, has been charged with stealing goods after authorities caught him with crumbs on his clothes after eating the stolen chips he picked up off the floor.

@Phil_Lewis_ @ijbailey tax dollars at work. A man took a whole display of chips and put them in his car. A few bags of chips fell to the ground. Joseph Braswell took 2 bags of $4.98 chips, ate them and was charged with stealing merchandise under $1,000. This should be a desk appearance

Authorities responding to the scene after a thief stole an entire case of potato chips reportedly found Braswell across the street from the store. They decided to arrest Braswell after viewing footage showing him taking two bags of chips worth less than $10. Additionally, police said Braswell was aware the bags were being stolen, as video showed him witnessing the theft before picking up the packets of chips from the ground.

According to the New York Post, Braswell spent several days in jail for a minor incident after he was arrested and sent to the Tennessee Jail. Braswell has since been released and is reportedly facing charges in court.

Meanwhile, Braswell’s mother spoke to WREG about her son’s arrest, which she felt was unnecessary given the triviality of the crime. The Tennessee man’s mother told the outlet that her son suffers from mental health issues and she has tried several times to get him help to no avail:

“I called the crisis center, I called the police. I try to get him judged, and every time he goes downtown about something like that, he’s never judged.”

Meanwhile, Circle K’s grocery store manager Melanie Jackson told the outlet that this was not an isolated incident. Jackson further added that the shops in the area had already been robbed several times:

“People come in here every day and steal, they think that’s okay. My inventory is missing 17,000 people coming in here and stealing.”

At this time it is not known if the authorities have arrested the perpetrator who stole chips from the display case.

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