A surprise Wednesday night college football game

That Wednesday night college football game wasn’t on the schedule a few weeks ago.

Last Saturday’s game between SMU and UCF in Orlando was rescheduled to Sunday due to Hurricane Ian and then rescheduled again to Wednesday night. It will be televised on ESPN2, and there will be no Aaron Judge to force split-screen. To cheer.

Circumstances aren’t great, but at least we get some college football during the week.

UCF is a 3 point favorite at BetMGM. The total is 62.5, so the odds makers expect it to be your typical high-score college game. SMU averages 38 points per game and UCF averages 34.2, which is only good enough for 22nd and 48th best spots in FBS.

Both attacks are good, with different strengths. SMU is the sixth-highest passing yards per game average in FBS, throwing for 353 yards per game. UCF’s 275.8 rushing yards is third best in FBS, behind only Air Force and Army West Point. At least you know what the offenses want.

UCF is 3-1 and SMU is 2-2 as both AAC games start a few days later than expected. It’s a nice, unexpected treat on an otherwise slow Wednesday night in esports.

UCF mascot Knightro will be cheering on his team vs. SMU on Wednesday night.  (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

UCF mascot Knightro will be cheering on his team vs. SMU on Wednesday night. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Here’s the first look at the sports betting table for Wednesday:

MLB is ending the regular season

There’s not much MLB can do about it, but ending the regular season without drama isn’t good for the sport.

In terms of playoff spots or seeding, none of the MLB games on Wednesday, the final day of the regular season, are at stake. The mount is set. Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run Tuesday, so that’s gone too. The hope of a fun Wednesday with multiple playoff spots or division titles is long gone. MLB hasn’t had much uncertainty outside of NL East as the trade deadline and Wednesday is a fitting way to end a disappointing final stretch of the season. Betting on Wednesday’s games seems like the same thing as betting on pre-season football: you’re likely to get a little frustrated when teams aren’t too keen on results.

Anything else on the plan?

We’ve got preseason NHL and NBA games scheduled if you’re desperate. There are some Champions League football matches. Not much happens when you take MLB out of your mind. That’s why the lonely postponed college football game is a treat.

What’s the best bet?

It’s not like we have a lot of choices, so we choose UCF at home. I wouldn’t bet on that either.

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