A rare curling arena opens in a huge Michigan complex with ax tossing and football bowling

NOVI, MI – There is a new entertainment complex in town and this place was a year and $10 million in the making. Hub Stadium is now open at 44325 West 12 Mile Road, Novi on Fountain Walk. It’s in the huge room that used to be Lucky Strike.

There’s no shortage of dining and activities at The Hub Stadium, which features ax tossing, football bowling and a rare curling arena. A large room with a music lounge and a terrace will soon be built.

“I feel like, especially post-pandemic, we wanted to create a space where you can not only get delicious food and cocktails but also get active,” Maria Hayden, regional director of sales for Hub Stadium, told MLive.

According to Hayden, the goal was to give people the opportunity to have new experiences with each visit.

“We want this to be a social space where you can get everything done under one roof. You could come one day and book a private event in one of our function rooms. You could come and have dinner the next day and the third day you could do ax throwing, soccer bowling or curling with some friends.”

The curling arena is a rare opportunity to try the sport you saw on TV at the Olympics without having to join a club. You can either rent the space with a group of friends or take curling lessons from one of the instructors. Curling instruction is $45 per person for 90 minutes of practice from one of the instructors.

“It’s a great team sport and great for people who like a lot of strategy,” said Todd Gault, curling coach at The Hub Stadium Novi. “With an hour and a half of class, you’ll probably be able to throw like a member of the curling club. Once you get past the initial balance issues and speed issues, there’s a lot of muscle memory. You will master the basics. If you curl long, you get the strategic aspect.”

There are two different types of ax throwing. There is the one-handed type where there are multiple types of games to choose from. There are also larger ax stands that are longer and use larger axes that require two hands to throw.

The bar is open for lunch and dinner and offers Detroit-style appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and pizza. The Concession Stand Restaurant is open for dinner and offers steak, chicken, fish, lobster and more.

Hub Stadium Novi is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. On Friday and Saturday it is open from 11:00 a.m. to midnight. The opening hours on Sunday are 12:00 – 21:00

Check out our previous live video where we try curling for the first time.


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