9 tips to wear makeup under glasses without smudging

AApplying makeup when you wear glasses can be difficult. The nose pads can leave little indentations in your makeup, the eye expression you’ve been trying to look at can seem to fade behind your lenses, and your mascara-wearing lashes could hit and smudge the lenses. But with a little finesse, you can apply your makeup in such a way that it really sticks behind your glasses.

In a recent TikTok, digital content creator and makeup enthusiast Victoria Lyn shared some of her top tips for wearing makeup under glasses. We ran these tips from makeup artist Emily Amick, who also wears glasses and got her professional seal of approval, along with a few other goodies.

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How do I put on makeup under glasses?

1. Apply your foundation to your face from the outside

“You can wear any foundation you want. The key to having a lasting effect is to work from the outside in and save the nose for last,” says Lyn. “Just use what’s left on your brush to hold it lightly so your glasses don’t sink in.”

Whether you wear glasses or not, there’s no need to thickly apply your complexion products all over your face. “I’m a big proponent of using foundation and concealer sparingly and only covering fully where needed,” says Amick.

2. Use powder on your nose pads

Even with a light application on the nose you can still get those little indentations where your nose pads are. To avoid this, Lyn recommends applying loose powder, like the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($24 to $40), to both the pads of your glasses and your nose. If you still notice indentations, Amick says, “just gently dab your finger over it and the foundation will blend back in.”

3. Apply blush with glasses on

Go for “blush with your frames,” says Lyn. “It really helps you really see your blush — it’s like custom placement for your frames.”

4. Restrict the product anywhere your face can touch your lenses

“One issue I have with wearing glasses since I have such large cheeks is that sometimes when I smile, the makeup on my cheeks transfers to the lenses,” says Amick, “so that’s definitely the issue understanding how a person’s glasses fit their face and trying to limit the amount of product in areas where your glasses are in contact with your skin.” Amick also powders her cheeks to prevent makeup transfer .

5. Balance your eye makeup

“My eyes get a little lost in my large frame so I like to use neutral shades to accentuate my I-shape, a wing liner and a nude liner on the waterline and in the inner corners of my eyes because it makes my eyes look bigger,” says Lyn. “If your lenses magnify, try the smoky look — it’s so pretty.”

6. Keep your lashes curled and voluminous

Lyn recommends curling your lashes when you wear your glasses, and Amick agrees. “Some people’s lashes are so long that they touch the inside of the lenses, so curling them is a good idea,” says Amick.

Also, “choose mascara that adds volume rather than lengthens it,” says Lyn. “[It] Keeps your lashes fluffy and the windshield doesn’t wipe against your lenses. you can wear [false] Eyelashes, make sure they’re short and voluminous.”

Sir John, the makeup artist on celebs like Beyoncé and Karlie Kloss, is a big fan of the L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara ($11). “You must have a good mascara. I love the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara ($10),” says Sir John, who serves as the brand’s creative director. “This is my favorite mascara.”

7. Go bold with your eyebrows

“Brows frame your frames, don’t be afraid to fill in and fluff them up a bit – the bolder the better,” says Lyn.

8. Have fun matching your makeup with your frames

If you have colored frames, you can match your makeup to the lenses. “The matchy matchy [look] is my favorite,” says Lyn. “I love doing a neutral eye so I can apply the color to my lips.”

9. Wear a lens cloth

Even if you take all necessary precautions, your lenses can get some makeup. “Always carry an eyeglass cleaning cloth ($6) to take care of stains on your lenses and frames,” says Amick.

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