8 new cryptocurrencies to buy in October 2022

We conducted a thorough analysis of the most promising cryptocurrency projects and our featured picks are: DT2, IMPT, RIA and TAMA,. So, this post takes a look at and ranks the top 8 new crypto coins to invest in for 2022. Many different categories of projects, as well as the most promising upcoming ICOs are included in the list of new cryptocurrencies. In this category you will find NFTs, Blockchains, Metaverse, AMM projects and P2E games.

It is important to remember that cryptocurrency holdings are highly speculative and subject to price fluctuations. Therefore, investors should research the tokens included in this list of new cryptocurrencies to ensure they are suitable for their needs.
1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
3. Calvary (RIA)
4. Tama Doge (TAMA)
5. Battle for Infinity (IBAT)
6. Monkey Coin (APE)
7. MetaBlaze (MBLZ)
8. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

A state-of-the-art cryptocurrency ranking and analytics platform currently in pre-sale. The goal of Dash 2 Trade (D2T), a new cryptocurrency project, is to provide crypto market participants (investors and traders) with the resources they need to achieve their financial goals. The D2T token, the project’s native ERC-20 token, was extremely successful. The initial pre-sale of the D2T token has already raised over $400,000 in less than 24 hours, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon.

Due to its potential use in paying for Dash 2 Trade subscriptions and other resource-intensive services like strategy backtesting, the D2T token could see significant value appreciation once Dash 2 Trade is fully released.

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The IMPT cryptocurrency has completed a massive pre-sale in record time. An example of an issue that IMPT aims to address is the need to reduce people’s carbon footprint. IMPT will use the carbon credits you buy on the market to cover the cost of this reduction. Carbon credits represent the amount of CO2 pollution that has been eliminated. This corresponds to a reduction in carbon emissions of one tonne of CO2.

The initial presale raised more than $6 million, demonstrating enthusiasm for the initiative’s potential. Advance sales started on October 3rd. Advance sales are expected to end on November 25th. However, if IMPT tokens sell faster than predicted, the pre-sale may end earlier.
The project’s reputation and popularity is reflected in the continued success of the Presale 1. Because of this, now is the moment to buy IMPT and capitalize on its tremendous return potential.

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3. Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity isn’t just another P2E battle card game. It is a revolutionary concept intended to serve as an education and onboarding tool for players who are simply unfamiliar and/or unfamiliar with crypto. One of the biggest obstacles to getting new players into the crypto fray is the fact that they may not understand how it all works.

So instead of just explaining it in other terms, Calvaria (RIA) decided to create a fun tutorial. The Duels of Eternity game comes in two forms – the crypto P2E version and the free-to-play version that can be played on PC or mobile apps.

As people play the free version, they get insights into how the P2E version works, including real-time updates on how much they would earn if they bought an NFT deck for the crypto version. So, essentially, it bridges the gap between the non-crypto and crypto worlds in a fun way that no other crypto project does.

The concept is also on fire as 39% of the available tokens in pre-sale stage 1 have already been sold.

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An intriguing new Metaverse and NFT-centric ecosystem that includes Tamadoge makes for interesting P2E play. TAMA, a deflationary meme cryptocurrency, is the platform’s token. Let’s start with how well the Tamadoge project is being received: Despite the gloomy mood and falling prices in the rest of the market, the $19 million TAMA presale was completed in less than eight weeks.

There was already a lot of buzz around Tamadoge due to its successful pre-sale, but investors and cryptocurrency traders were blown away after its impressive initial exchange offer. If you’re looking for a new cryptocurrency to keep an eye on, you’ve come to the right place at Tamadoge. The project has amassed over 70,000 Twitter followers and 50,000 Telegram subscribers, making it one of the most followed cryptocurrencies in the world.

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Other lucrative cryptos of 2022

Other cryptocurrencies will also give you the best results without harming the environment. Here are some you need to check out:

● Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a decentralized P2E gaming platform for the Metaverse. Battle Infinity will be of interest to people interested in new crypto coins that mix P2E games with the metaverse. In this case the token is IBAT. This project is also one of the most popular new cryptocurrencies for 2022 as it had one of the best pre-sales of the year.

In 24 days, IBAT reached its hard cap target of 16,500 BNB. As a result, it sold out well ahead of the intended 90-day presale deadline. This project says it’s the multiverse of the metaverse.

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● Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Growing global NFT competition platform Lucky Block (LBLOCK). Since its launch in early 2022, Lucky Block, a new NFT project, has become very popular and is another notable new cryptocurrency to invest in. There are daily blockchain-based competitions on this platform. Since Lucky Block works with smart contracts, every NFT tournament draw is fair for this reason.

● Monkey Coin (APE)

ApeCoin (APE) is a new cryptocurrency with ties to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection fans might think that APE is an interesting new cryptocurrency to invest in. ApeCoin is currently one of the most popular meme crypto projects as it has a strong connection to the NFT series mentioned above.

● MetaBlaze(MBLZ)
MetaBlaze (MBLZ) – Unique NFT and P2E ecosystem MetaBlaze is a unique cryptocurrency project that needs another $600,000 to reach its cap during the pre-sale. On October 15th, the project gave away 10,000 MetaGoblin NFTs and the crypto community is very excited about MetaBlaze.

last words
There is no denying the promising development of crypto. Investors appear to have a wider range of crypto options thanks to emerging coins like D2T, TAMA, and IMPT, among many others. Investing in these cryptos can turn out to be the wisest choice.

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