7 Beginner Tips for Cursed to Golf

Cursed to golf begins with a young golfer about to be inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame during a prestigious tournament. Suddenly the sky turns black, he is struck by lightning, and then the earth opens up to swallow his spirit.

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Then this young golfer discovers that he has been sent to the Golf Purgatory and must play his way through if he is to escape eternity. This is the basic requirement for Cursed to golf story, but there’s a lot more to be said about this latest indie roguelike. To master the courses it contains, follow these tips before you begin.


7 Your parity is your health

Cursed to golf is a roguelike and there is a health system, but not in the traditional sense. Players must complete an entire course based on the remaining pars they have left. This gauge can be refilled by hitting silver or gold statues in the golf dungeons. This is explained in the tutorial, but there is another way to heal that cursed golfer. Certain cards can refill par points and act like potions like in RPGs. There are a few cards that can do this, so stocking up is a good strategy.

6 Shop Recommendations

Players begin their roguelike runs in a shop, but cannot purchase anything immediately. Money is accumulated after the ball is put in the hole and moved on. Shops will randomize their card inventory, which is pretty much the only thing players can buy. Here’s a hot tip, but it’s not explained.

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There is a folder in the shop that costs no money to use. Players can empty their entire decks of cards into this thing, and those cards will carry over until players decide to take them out in consecutive runs. This binder can hold forty cards, so it might be a good idea to stockpile forty cards to get through that first big course and then get serious.

5 Bird’s eye view is key

When teeing off from a hole, the basic line of sight is reduced. However, the birdie view allows players to analyze the entire stage. Keep an eye out for potential mysteries like dynamite blast areas and plan a route. The beauty of it Cursed to golf is that each hole should have multiple ways to complete the hole, which is unsurprising for the roguelike genre. Consider dangers, idols, and other things as you try to figure out the best way to bring that ball home.

4 Don’t be afraid to violate club recommendations

Like most golf games Cursed to golf automatically selects what the AI ​​thinks is the best club for the job. However, this is not always the smartest racket as there are other ways to play. For example, if you are on rough grass, the iron shot will be selected. If there’s a hole or other potential opportunity nearby, it may be worth using the wedge club instead. The general tip is don’t be afraid to experiment. There is a practice card that players can purchase in their deck that allows for such experiments. Testing multiple clubs on the same turf can produce overwhelming results.

3 Look at the route ahead

Similar to other roguelikes, this game allows players to choose multiple routes in the golf dungeons. One path may be more lucrative with loot, while another may have more holes to play through. Players should choose the route based on how much money they have and how much par they have left. If the par number is low, it might be best to jump to the next hole. If players have a lot of money to spend and are in good health, going the route with the nearest store is also a good strategy. Also, don’t forget the card binding tip that you can use in stores.

2 There are more dangers than the norms

Golfing in real life and golfing in games pose two major dangers that golfers need to watch out for. Don’t leave the ball stuck in the sand trap or sink it in a pond. These dangers appear in Cursed to golf too, but there are other factors worth noting.

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Players might see a tombstone on a stage and might be curious to examine it. This isn’t a good thing, however, as landing near a skeleton will steal the ball. There are also cursed stages marked with skulls on the route map. These may impose restrictions on players, e.g. B. They can only hit the ball to the left.

1 The driving range is your friend

Best advice to give in Cursed to golf is that practice makes perfect, which can be true for roguelikes as a whole. Do the first ten rounds of golf practice runs and reinforce that bond as previously mentioned. There is also a driving range where players can practice without consequences. The game even gives players dummy cards for testing. It’s a shame players can’t select every map in the game to test, but at least the driving range is generally here. Getting the hang of spinning the ball back and forth can make all the difference and practicing on a driving range to master it is a wise choice.

Cursed to golfwas released on August 18, 2022 and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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