5 expert tips from local designers to maximize your closet space


Small cabinet? No problem. (Riley Campbell / Bham Now)

Do you wish you could expand your closet without hiring a construction team? For tips on how to maximize space in small closets, we turned to senior designer Miki Matsumoto at Closets by Design. Here’s what we learned.

1. Learn to let go

When you open your closet do items fall out and crash onto the floor? Or do you have to wade through tons of clutter to find what you’re looking for? This is a common problem – especially in small closets.

To turn your closet from a mess into a Pinterest-worthy success, you need to take some time to clear out unnecessary items and make room.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

“Turn on Netflix and watch it The Konmari Method. It’s a great way to learn how to let things go.”

Miki Matsumoto, designer, cabinets by design

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2. Master “the crease”

Cabinets by design
Get your crease up. (cabinets by design)

Hang or fold: That’s the classic wardrobe debate. When trying to maximize closet space, what should you choose? According to Miki, it all depends on the item and the size of your closet.

Here are three clothing items you should fold for more closet space and why:


Whether you own two pairs or 10, jeans are a piece of clothing you’re likely to find in almost every wardrobe.

Why you should fold them:

  • They are durable, hold their shape and fold easily.
  • They can be stacked on shelves or in drawers.


As cooler weather rolls in, garments become larger and bulkier. While sweaters are great for warmth, they can make closet storage difficult.

Why you should fold them:

  • They stay in better condition and keep their shape.
  • They fit perfectly on a cupboard shelf or in a drawer.

t shirts

As many jeans as you own, you probably own twice as many T-shirts. With limited closet space, folding your t-shirts can save the day.

Why you should fold them:

  • They can be stacked on shelves or in drawers.
  • Do you want to avoid wrinkles? Rolling your t-shirts is another way to “fold” them like a pro and save space.

3. Roll with the seasons

Cabinets by design
Dedicate your closet to a specific season. (cabinets by design)

If you’re like me, your closet houses all your clothing items and mixes all seasons together throughout the year. If you’re short on closet space, consider changing your clothes with the seasons.

“With an outside temperature of 95 degrees, sweaters don’t have to hang in the closet! Pack up those items and move them to another location like the garage or attic until you need them again.”

Miki Matsumoto, designer, cabinets by design

4. Use the right containers

Cabinets by design
Small organizers are key. (cabinets by design)

I find the hardest part of organizing is figuring out the best way to store small items. Instead of putting all those items in a box, Miki has a better solution.

“Use baskets, stackable containers, or drawer dividers to organize small items like belts and scarves on your shelves.”

Miki Matsumoto, designer, cabinets by design

5. Give the illusion of more space

Wave your magic wand – it’s time for the ultimate illusion. Here are some easy ways to make your closet look bigger:

  • add lights
  • Hang a mirror on a wall
  • Keep the ground clear
  • Install a sliding door

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