243 million XRP was transferred between Ripple, exchanges and unknown wallets as Shuffling Cross 1B XRP this week

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Another large volume of XRP flowed between exchanges, Ripple and unknown wallets.

The increasing demand for Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution is still driving the large movement of XRP between cryptocurrency exchanges and unknown wallets.

Over the week, more than a billion XRP were moved between unknown wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. Yesterday, almost 600 million XRP tokens were transferred in multiple transactions, 224 million on Aug. 3 and 172 million on Aug. 2 and 224 million today.

Whale Alert, a leading crypto whale tracking service, continues to share details of more of these transactions. A total of 243,935,767 million (243.93 million) XRP coins have flown between Ripple, cryptocurrency exchanges and unknown wallets in the last 24 hours.

As reported by Whale Alert, 40 million XRP worth $15 million were sent to Bitstamp from an unknown wallet.

The Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange has been the main party to these major XRP movements lately. It is noteworthy that Bitstamp was the exchanger Ripple’s CTO dumped his last XRP holdings earlier.

A few hours later, Whale Alert also observed another large XRP movement from an unknown wallet to the exchange. This time, 30 million XRP coins worth $11.29 million were transferred from the anonymous wallet to Bitstamp.

Interestingly, the Silicon Valley tech company was also involved in the recent series of large XRP transactions. According to Whale Alert, Ripple has transferred a whopping 50 million XRP coins ($18.67 million) to an undisclosed address.

Although the owner of the wallet is unknown, it is believed that the funds were sent to an ODL customer.

More big XRP moves

Additionally, 30 million XRP tokens worth $11.29 million were observed by Whale Alert flowing from an undisclosed wallet to Bitso exchange, a member of the Ripple ecosystem.

Again, Bitstamp has been involved in another major XRP movement over the past 24 hours. This time the funds were moved from the exchange to an unknown wallet.

63,935,767 (63.9 million) XRP coins were transferred from the Bitstamp exchange to an unknown wallet via Whale Alert. At the time of the transaction, the coins were worth approximately $24.08 million.

Additionally, 30 million XRP coins worth around $11.16 million were also leaked into an undisclosed wallet from Bitso.

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