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After yesterday’s Manufacturers Cup action, it’s time for the first official race of the Nations Cup in the Gran Turismo World Series 2022.

The Nations Cup is more of an individual competition than a team-based event. The 16 best drivers of the 2021 world final will fight in the same machinery for the first points of the 2022 season – and the Gran Turismo 7 Epoch.

Round 1 of the World Series is the first of five legs of the event this season. Following this online event, the 16 drivers will take on the top 16 from Online Series 1 in the World Series Showdown in a live event from Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria.

The top 16 riders from this event will qualify for Online Rounds 2 and 3 and the World Finals in November 2022, where they will meet the top 16 qualifiers from Online Series 2.

In each of the five events, riders can earn World Series points, with up to three available in the three online events and up to six in Showdown. The majority of points – previously up to 12 in each of the two semifinals and 24 in the finals – are scored at the World Finals, and whoever scores the most points over the course of the season is crowned champion.

As you’d expect, the driver lineup is an all-star affair. Three of the four world champions are taking part, including defending champion Valerio Gallo, who returns eight months after his 2021 triumph, 2020 winner Takuma Miyazono, fresh from yesterday’s Manufacturer Cup success, and 2018 champion Igor Fraga, who competes alongside Coque Lopez in 2021 a Manufacturer Series title that is also returning.

However, the new platform for the series with shifters is out Gran Turismo Sports to Gran Turismo 7 about spring, the order may change a little. With just a few months to get used to the new game – and just a few weeks to get used to the new Watkins Glen racetrack being used here – it’s going to be more about who runs best than in past form.

In the meantime, some drivers have also moved away from Gran Turismo for various reasons. That includes Angel Inostroza, who has shown strong form in the ACC-based GT World Challenge Americas, taking a class win at Kyalami earlier in the year.

Thanks to the “bonus campaign”, viewers have a little more skin in the game this year. If you guess correctly who will win this event, you can do it with a menu inside until the stream starts GT7win 500,000 cr for your in-game wallet.

The race itself consists of a 15 lap run around Watkins Glen with the new Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo Gr.3 car. It seems that drivers have free choice of racing tire compounds but have to factor in a 6x tire wear rate – one lap creates six laps of wear.

Today’s stream starts at 1300 UTC and you can watch it in full below:

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