2 unrealistic trades the Suns must try in the 2022 NBA offseason

The Phoenix Suns had an amazing 2021-2022 regular season, finishing with the best overall record in the NBA. However, they suffered a series of injuries in the playoffs and eventually lost in the West semifinals. After losing the NBA Finals the previous season, this is a team desperate for a championship. Their desire to win has fans discussing dream trading scenarios. Today we take a look at 2 unrealistic trades the Suns should take during the 2022 NBA offseason.

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2 unrealistic trades the Suns must try in the 2022 NBA offseason

Acquire Kevin Durant… while keeping Devin Booker

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reported that the Nets would only sell Kevin Durant to Phoenix if Devin Booker was part of the return package.

“From Brooklyn’s perspective, sources said, there isn’t a deal to land Durant in Phoenix that doesn’t start with sending Devin Booker back to Barclays Center. The Suns would likely hold the line, of course. But early indications are that the Nets leadership is not particularly inclined to accept a sign-and-trade that brings back unrestricted free agent Deandre Ayton.

The idea of ​​KD going to Phoenix isn’t unrealistic. But pairing Durant alongside Booker seems unlikely at this point. Trading Booker became even more unrealistic after recently receiving a $214 super max deal from the Suns and being named a 2K23 NBA Cover Athlete.

So who does Phoenix offer in this trading scenario?

Mikal Bridges would probably be the place to start. The defensive maestro is set to make over $20 million this season. He has an increasing contract that will increase until 2026. Other fairly big deals include Jae Crowder, Dario Saric and of course Chris Paul. However, the Suns are assumed to retain CP3.

An interesting idea is a sign and trade with Deandre Ayton. Yes, the report above states that Brooklyn would not be “particularly inclined” to complete this deal. It could come into play with the right parts/picks though.

Many NBA pundits have stated that Phoenix would rather sign and trade the Ayton than immediately lose him in an open hand. So it could become the centerpiece of a Kevin Durant trade.

Yes, acquiring Durant without Booker seems unrealistic … but it’s not impossible.

Kyrie Irving

That’s even more unrealistic than a Kevin Durant deal. First off, the Suns have Chris Paul as their point guard. So you would either have to include CP3 in a deal or use a two guard set between Kyrie Irving and Paul.

Irving was also not connected to the Suns. KD actually had Phoenix as one of its favorite trading destinations. But take a moment and imagine Kyrie Irving in Phoenix.

The Suns have obviously dealt with their share of postseason troubles in recent years. Irving could step in and help them get to the next level. He’s a player who knows what it takes to win. Sure, Irving is a controversial player and person at times. However, he lives for the big moment.

Using a sign-and-trade option from Deandre Ayton would probably be the best course of action in acquiring Irving. But getting the nets to bite could prove difficult. Phoenix could also trade Paul and then try to extend Kyrie Irving after acquiring him.

Again, this is certainly an unrealistic scenario. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And this is a Suns organization looking for a way to win the NBA Finals. Kyrie Irving would help them with that.

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