$1,500 offer in MD compared to other state bonuses

Caesars Sportsbook promo code ACTION4PICS unlocks up to $1,500 worth for new users in Maryland and up to $1,250 for users in all other states.

The breakdown:

  1. If you are in Maryland: Use Promotional code ACTION4PICS to get $100 in free bets when you bet $20 on your first bet. If your first bet is over $100, you get a bet on the house up to $1,500. This means if your first bet is lost, you will be refunded the losing bets in the form of free bets.
  2. If you are in another Caesars state: Use promo code ACTION4FULL to get a first bet on the house up to $1,250 plus some Caesars Rewards points. Here is a list of where Caesars (and every other book) operates.

The Maryland offering is a bit confusing, so we’ll explain more below.

Caesars Maryland offer, explained

The Caesars Sportsbook Maryland offer comes in two parts depending on how much you bet. Here are the main differences:

  • If your first bet at Caesars is between $20 and $100, you will receive $100 in free bets from Caesars no matter what. We will explain more about free bets below.
  • If your first bet is over $100, it’s “on Caesars”. So if it loses, you get back free bets equal to your loss. Let’s say your first bet is on USC -2.5 for $200 – if it loses you get $200 back in free bets.

How do free bets work? To continue with our Utah-USC example, let’s assume the trojans don’t cover the distribution. You get $200 back in free bets.

Then use that $200 in free bets on North Carolina Moneyline against Clemson on Saturday, the price is around +240.

  • If Clemson wins, you lose the $200 in free bets.
  • If UNC wins, you win $480 (+240 if $200) but you don’t keep the $200 in free bets.

Because of this, these offers are not truly risk free and sportsbooks have moved away from labeling them as such. You can lose your entire deposit.

How the offer works in other states

We’ve already described how the offer will work in other states – it’s a bet on the house, but instead of up to $1,500 it’s up to $1,250.

Again, imagine that your first bet is on the USC spread. And you put 500 dollars on it.

  • If USC covers, you benefit about $450 and keep the original $500.
  • If USC doesn’t cover you get $500 back in free bets.

You then need to use these free bets and convert them into real money that can be withdrawn.

That’s it! If you have any questions, read our FAQ on each type of sports betting promotion and what they all mean.

How to use free bets on Friday

Brazil vs Cameroon: Will the Brazilians survive the last game of the group stage? From our Johnathan Wright:

Even if Cameroon will fight well, Brazil have too much talent in all positions, no matter who they play against. They will find a way to dissect a Cameroonian team that is forced to play an offensive game.

Since 2014, the Samba Boys have won five of their eight group games by two or more goals. Expect them to get six out of nine on Friday when they take advantage of a second-rate goalkeeper for Cameroon.

Back Brazil on the spread.

Our staff’s best bets for Friday’s NBA list: Matt Moore on why he’s scoring -10 double digits with the Cavs.

They can vary based on what you think home court in the NBA is worth. The Cavs, for example, have a point difference of +12.4 at home and +2.3 away. That’s a significant shift between home and away.

Let’s take a conservative approach across teams and seasons and say moving from one team’s home court to another is roughly 4.5 points.

So this game would be Cavs -5 in Orlando? For real? The Cavs, second in the Adjusted Net Rating, per dunks and threes against The Magic, 27th, would be favored by fewer than two possessions?

I do this number in my mid-teens based on performance evaluation on a neutral pitch. Even with Jarrett Allen out I can’t get that close to 10. (I opened it at -9.5.)

The books are reluctant to hit double digits with teams early in the season, but Orlando is already battered; They are without starting center Wendell Carter Jr., Jalen Suggs and Mo Bamba.

The idea of ​​putting down that many points (without Allen) is only worrisome if you don’t factor in home field advantage. The line is out, place the dots.

USA vs Netherlands: Does the USA actually have an advantage here? From Anthony Dabbundo:

Given the strength of the US defense that has prevented teams from getting the ball into the box, it’s easy to see where a mid-block defensive could choke out the Dutch attack in this game.

Tyler Adams was the Americans’ best player at the tournament, and nobody at the World Cup has won more tackles than Adams. He and McKennie can deny blind and backline access to Gakpo and Depay.

Frankie de Jong excelled at the base of the Dutch midfield in Qatar, but the rest of the potential Dutch midfield – Davy Klassen and Marten de Roon – are older and don’t have the reach and ball-winning ability they did in previous years.

The plan should be similar to the game against England, only England have a much more dynamic midfield and a much better overall level of talent. Gakpo is an explosive attacking player, capable of attacking from both distance and centre, but the rest of the Dutch chance-creating machine isn’t working at peak efficiency at the moment.

Both teams were equally mediocre up front and all of this points to this game being a stalemate. Assuming Pulisic starts for the United States, the Americans are closer to a tossup in this game than the market is indicating.

The Choice: Under 2.25 (-115) and US +0.5 (-110)


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