12 tips for beautiful photos of your newborn

Have you recently been blessed with a baby? As they say, your baby will grow up in no time. Your baby will change so much in the first year of life. Therefore, it is natural for you to take as many pictures as possible. But don’t stop at the snaps. Planning and including some props can take baby photos to the next level.

If you want to properly document how your bundle of joy changes in the first few months, you’ve come to the right place. We have some great tips for photographing your newborn.

1. Do what is comfortable

This is the first and most important rule. Don’t try to copy the internet’s photos of newborns – babies in a basket, floating in the air, or hanging from a branch. While these photos may look cute, they can be dangerous.

Know your comfort level and do what you can. For example, does your baby look awkward in the basket? Then skip the basket and try something else. Your baby is adorable as such, so just wrap them in a blanket. You don’t need much to take beautiful photos of your baby.

2. Prepare your baby

For a successful photo shoot, your baby should be well fed and rested. So plan and feed your baby before you take photos. You can also schedule the shoot after naptime when your baby is awake and alert.

Also, set up a cleaning area nearby with cleaning supplies like baby wipes, diapers, and spare clothes. This allows you to quickly change the baby and start shooting again.

3. Have an assistant

You don’t necessarily need to hire an assistant, but have someone to help you. For example, your spouse or partner can help hold and soothe the baby while you play around with the camera settings. In addition, they can take care of adjusting the different positions in which you want your baby to be.

Even if you’re using a tripod, you’ll appreciate having a second person help you.

4. Use natural light

Strong lighting can disturb your sensitive baby. It’s best to find a large window and shoot close to it. You can also try a shady outdoor space like your garden or balcony.

If you must use artificial light, opt for steady light and use a suitable diffuser to get an even light. A properly diffused steady light may not bother your newborn like a strobe light that blinks often. Here is a guide to the types of lighting in photography.

5. Shoot with a wide aperture

When photographing your baby, try to keep the aperture open. A wide aperture can blur the background and give you a creamy bokeh that can enhance the look of your photos. Here are some tips to get a beautiful bokeh.

In addition, you do not need any expensive equipment. A fast lens like the 50mm prime lens can be perfect for capturing your baby’s photos.

Keep an eye on the background even when shooting with a large aperture – you don’t want a cluttered photo.

6. Capture the expressions

How many times have you looked at your sleeping baby and waited for that beautiful smile? Also, be patient and wait to catch your baby’s different facial expressions.

Newborn babies make all sorts of facial expressions that will melt your heart. So don’t rush the photoshoot and don’t miss them. Keep in mind that you may not experience the same moments again in the future.

7. Don’t forget the tiny details

In addition to facial expressions, take the time to capture your baby’s tiny fingers, toes, eyelashes, etc. Do you have a macro lens handy? Get it out there and focus on the little things.

You can also place your or your partner’s hands next to your baby to showcase your growing baby.

8. Add props

Adding props to your baby photos can be so much fun, not to mention cuteness overload. Things like colorful blankets, stuffed animals, wooden vehicles, and wicker baskets are great props for your photoshoot. You can also help tell a story.

However, make sure the props you use are safe. Watch out for sharp points and threads that can injure your baby. Newborns don’t have neck control, so double check that your little one is getting enough support.

9. Keep it simple

You don’t want to switch between cameras and lenses when you have a tiny baby on hand; Choose your favorite camera and lens combo and stick with it. Do you only have your iPhone? That’s enough to take photos of your newborn. Here are the best iPhone camera settings for amazing shots.

The same applies to a complex background setup. Remember, your baby is the star, so let them shine.

10. Plan the photo shoots

When you have a newborn baby at home, there are many things to take care of. And photographing your baby will probably be at the bottom of your to-do list. Schedule this on a specific day of the week.

As your baby grows, you can adjust the schedule to bi-weekly or monthly.

11. Include siblings and pets

It’s normal to focus more on your newborn, but be sure to include siblings and pets in the photos so they don’t feel left out. There’s nothing that spells love like your older child holding the baby.

As a bonus, you can also watch your other children or pets grow up.

12. Be flexible

Even if you have planned things down to the last detail, sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to. Your baby is delicate and sensitive and may not cooperate. And you may not get the recording you want. Instead of getting frustrated and tiring your baby, take a break and try another time.

Patience is the key to capturing unforgettable baby photos

Taking snapshots is easy, but taking memorable pictures of your baby takes patience and practice. You don’t need much more. Of course you can use any simple camera; Your iPhone really is all you need.

Your baby photos come alive when you use natural light to your advantage. And don’t forget to include the right props – you can tell a story with them. Finally, prepare for the unexpected and have fun.

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