10 Tips & Tricks for Winston Mains

Winston is a super intelligent gorilla and a brilliant scientist. He’s the one who brought the Overwatch team back together and perhaps the one who will bring you this precious victory. Winston is one of the more mobile tanks, giving him more attack variety. His Jump Pack gives him a long range to jump, his dome shield can be placed anywhere he wants.

Also, his Tesla Cannon just can’t miss at close range, giving him a huge advantage over the smaller pesky characters. Eventually, his primal rage unleashes the angry gorilla within him, giving him a massive health boost. Winston can be extremely important for a team to win, so we decided to come up with ten tips and tricks to help you improve as a Winston player.


10/10 Know your counters

Winston has a few counterattacks that must be avoided or the game will be a massive fight. Unfortunately, if you see some of these heroes in a match against you, playing as Winston can be more difficult. It might be wise to pick someone other than Winston to dodge the counters, or work with teammates to avoid fighting the counters.

  • Reaper– Those deadly shotguns will destroy Winston’s health and Winston can’t do nearly enough damage to put up a good fight.
  • traffic rowdy– Roadhog does too much damage nearby and if he hooks Winston it’s pretty much over.
  • bastion– In tower mode he deals way too much damage and again Winston doesn’t have enough power to win the fight.
  • mei– She can easily freeze Winston and get a headshot that puts Winston in critical health.
  • Cassidy– Since he does a lot of damage out of anger and at close range, he is dangerous. However, it’s his stun that will take care of Winston, as Winston needs to be close to doing damage to give Cassidy the advantage.

9/10 Who Makes Winston Counter?

Knowing who Winston is up against gives you a huge advantage in a game. When you see these characters on the opposing team, you’re going to need someone to play Winston so you have time to shine. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your Winston skills and lead your team to that all-important victory.

  • Genji– He is mobile and can do double jumps. This is a problem for most characters, but as long as Winston stays around, he will eliminate Genji with ease.
  • tracers– Her blinks are difficult to manage, but Winston’s Tesla Gun won’t miss again, taking care of Tracer’s little health pool.
  • widowmaker– She usually stays on a rooftop to fight at long range for safety reasons. Winston can jump to her and easily take her out.
  • Hanzo– He might prove more difficult than Widowmaker, but it’s very similar and Hanzo shouldn’t last long.

8/10 Gain an advantage from enemy shields

Most players playing Reinhardt, Orisa, or Sigma just stick with firing their shields. Winston can just shoot through them. For example, a Reinhardt will either have Winston constantly dealing damage or move away to give your team an easier chance to get to the point. Winston would put down a shield near them so he would have his own protection while piercing other heroes’ shields. This will put her on the back foot.

7/10 Stay mobile

In a fight, most characters don’t have the ability to escape easily. However, Winston can jump far or even onto a roof to escape said fight. This could be to get a health pack when healers aren’t available, or maybe there are too many against Winston so leaving is the only way to survive. Winston is a big target so it’s important to keep him moving so he doesn’t become an easy target.

6/10 Primal Rage

This ultimate isn’t the easiest to master, but knowing when to use it is so important. Primal Rage and used at checkpoints where enemies can be knocked off the map, making you easy to kill and giving your team a huge advantage. It can also be used on the point to knock enemies away to prevent them from contesting the point. Or in a closed indoor area by using it and making Winston’s enemies have their backs to the wall.

5/10 Get those little clumsy heroes out of the way

When the opposing team has a Genji or Tracer, they usually cause problems for your team’s healers. This in turn causes problems for Winston as he cannot get good heals when they die. So protecting the healers and taking down the likes of Tracer and Genji is extremely important to the team dynamic. These types of characters have high survivability and will be a nuisance to your team’s composition unless a good Winston can take them down.

4/10 Protect your teammates

Winston can help control the flow of the game by protecting teammates. Wait for enemies to appear and protect your teammates by putting down a shield. It might not have as much health as Reinhardt’s, but it can be placed anywhere to save your teammates. Did someone like Cassidy just activate their ultimate? Put down the shield and protect the team. Maybe it’s your Cassidy who activated his ultimate, so place a shield around him to make sure it’s successful.

3/10 Attack the capture point quickly

Few characters can do this successfully, but the awesome gorilla is one of the few. Winston in attack can jump high and far. He can completely bypass the enemy’s chokehold. For example, at Volskaya Industries, Winston can stay left after exiting the spawn and jump across the water to a platform. Once he gets there, he’s practically off point and can walk on point. Most likely, the enemy team will be too busy with the choke hold to even look the way Winston is coming from.

2/10 Go in and out of your own shield

When you’re up against someone like Soldier 76 in a 1vs1, the odds of surviving are slim, very slim. However, if Winston can use his shield, he can keep walking in and out while fighting Soldier so that he keeps hitting Winston’s shield, dealing small but constant damage to Winston. This will ensure you win a fight that would otherwise be almost impossible without the shield.

1/10 Go behind enemy lines

Take out the remaining healers and keep saving the enemy team. Winston has the great ability to jump with the pack, he can take out a healer and go fast before hitting the whole team. This will mess up the enemy team’s composition as they now have to look for Winston and deal with the rest of your team’s attack from the other side.

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