10 Tips & Tricks for Ashe Mains

Ashe is the deadlock gang’s gunslinger leader, working with the help of BOB, your trusty omnic companion. She uses a rifle that is dangerous at both short and long range. She deals tremendous damage with a Headshot with scope and can shoot quickly from the hip.

Ashe plays similarly to Cassidy, but she is unique and needs to be played properly to be effective. Check out these tips and tricks to help all Ashe players achieve victory in Overwatch.

10/10 Know your counters

Knowing who to effectively counter Ashe is key to winning a game. This could mean stay with an ally countering a particular opponent for you, or maybe you decide Ashe isn’t the right play for a particular match.

  • Winston- He can approach your position easily, and he’s as hard to shake as he can Jump after Ashe with ease.
  • traffic hooligan – He can heal from Ashe’s damage and Hook them up from afar, one-shotting them.
  • Reinhardt – His Sign can stop her headshot ability and nullify her dynamite.
  • Genji – He usually is too fast and mobile to fire a decent shot to do real damage.
  • widowmaker – she sniper is too strong for Ashe to counter from a distance.
  • Moira – she can phase near you, and their attacks will not miss. She can also place a healing orb for herself heal during battle.
  • wrecking ball – This hamster has too much health and far too mobile for Ashe – especially considering that she is can’t shoot him in the head while he’s in his ball form.
  • Reaper – Up close, Ashe doesn’t stand a chance against his shotguns.

9/10 who makes ash counters

When you come across these characters, Ashe will be especially effective. This is your chance to show off your skills as Ashe.

  • Cassidy- As long as he’s not too close, this is an easy fight. Ashe has better range than Cassidy, and he doesn’t have the same mobility as they.
  • Anna – She can’t deal that much damage to Ashe from a distance, giving Ashe a huge amount of damage Advantage also in the close range.
  • Merciful – Mercy usually heals from the back rows, but from Ashes Long-distance can pick them up from a good angle.
  • Zenyatta – From a distance, Zenyatta will struggle to deal a lot of damage before Ashe knocks him down.
  • Sigma – Even though Sigma has a shield, he will move away from it and usually use it slightly in front of him. He has a shorter range than others and fights against characters at medium distances.
  • Torbjorn – His turret can be easily removed by Ashe, and he’s one of the easiest characters for a headshot.

8/10 Use dynamite all the time

This is one of the easiest skills to use, but it’s so effective. dynamite will do constantly fire damage to enemies in its blast. It doesn’t do much damage, but that extra damage can make the difference in who comes out on top in a battle. Hitting an enemy head-on is the best way to ensure it’s effective.

It can also be used for crowd control in the right situations. If the dynamite is thrown in front of an enemy, it will not be able to penetrate it or will be damaged. This could give you time to find a better vantage point or return teammates to the battlefield.

7/10 stay back

Ashe can manage herself short range, but it is far more dangerous than staying behind. Ashe tends to be more effective at long range and aiming at enemies from a safer distance than she is headshots do one significant damage. She’s also far less vulnerable from a distance. Staying away from the frontline is Ashe’s best option, both offensively and defensively.

6/10 Coach Gun with no issues

If an enemy gets too close to console themselves, just use them Coach Gun ability to get out of there. It will push her back and push away the enemy and create some much needed ones room to breathe in battle. This can save your life in many situations. Like when Mei throws her to the ground Blizzard Ultimate, Ashe can use her Coach Gun to break out of range and defend her frozen teammates. You can also save other teammates with a well-placed Coach Gun blast. For example Reapers death blossom requires close range. If the trainer weapon is used on him and knocks him far away, he has less chance of killing your teammates with his ultimate.

5/10 Use the Coach Gun vertically

Ashe is deadly at long range when using her scoped rifle. The best way to do this is to find a spot high up and a safe distance from the fight. target Coach Gun underneath Ashe, and it will bump you onto a roof and give you a great vantage point. This can also be used to face an enemy who has already staked out a high vantage point and is chasing your team from above. A character like Widowmaker would lose a melee with Ashe.

4/10 BOB will clutch

ash Ultimate is unreal for crowd control. It adds another teammate with a ton of health for the enemy to deal with. Not only do they have to worry about BOB doing damage, but so does the rest of the team charging alongside BOB. Using BOB is easy from a safe distance as he can run into the enemy team from a decent distance.

He can run eliminate enemies, so keep that in mind before you use it. BOB can hold and even contest the point; he does serious damage and he has a nice one robust health poolso it takes a while to destroy it.

3/10 work with healers

Ashe isn’t the fastest character, and she has no other way to heal herself other than health packs. Having a healer like Mercy or Ana nearby who can heal Ashe quickly is your best option to stay on the battlefield. Ana is a particularly good pairing, as she can back off, sniff, and heal quickly and easily with Ashe. With Mercy’s Guardian Angel Because she can fly, she can reach Ashe from almost anywhere and grant quick point heals in combat.

2/10 goal further

Ashe deals most of her damage while aiming her sights. Hitting headshots isn’t easy, but if successful, she’ll take a portion of the damage from each character. The only time she should be hip fire is when an enemy has gotten too close to capture or otherwise take care of a character quickly before they escape. Otherwise, it’s best to aim for their sights to ensure an enemy is eliminated.

1/10 synergize skills

As always Zaryas Graviton Blast Ultimate is mentioned. Even if BOB isn’t available, using the Dynamite against enemies caught in a Graviton Surge is super effective. Also activate BOB alongside other Ultimates like Meis blizzardreinhardts earthquake or sigma gravitational flow is incredibly effective. BOB can break through these enemies while they are immobilized and he will not miss his shots. And when the enemies recover from the other ultimate, they still have an extra enemy to worry about.

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