1 perfect MLB trade Minnesota needs to make

The Minnesota Twins haven’t had a great offseason. They came out with the primary goal of finding a way to re-sign Carlos Correa after he pulled out of his contract, but eventually saw him sign with the San Francisco Giants before resuming that contract and going to the New York instead Mets switched. At this point, most of the best free agents on the market were already signed.

The problem for the twins is that they couldn’t afford to miss Correa given all the attention they gave him freely. Minnesota had several big holes in their roster when they entered free agency and now have another big hole at shortstop to deal with. Simply put, this is about as bad as things could have been going for the Twins earlier this offseason.

There’s still time for Minnesota to fix their roster, but they may need to accomplish that in the trade market rather than free agency. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the perfect trade the Gemini should be looking for this offseason and see why the team would end up benefiting greatly from it.

Gemini Perfect off-season trade

Acquire Willy Adames from the Brewers

As mentioned, the twins who missed Correa left a huge hole in their list to fill. Not only did they miss Correa, but they also missed Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts and Dansby Swanson, who were all free-agent shortstops on the market alongside Correa. They’ve all signed elsewhere now, leaving the twins stuck between a rock and a hard spot.

Luckily, there is a potential trade target in the market in Willy Adames who could come in and solve the twins’ problems. The Milwaukee Brewers have been rumored to be exploring the possibility of selling some of their big-name players this offseason, and Adames would appear to be a prime commercial candidate for the Brewers if they decide to go that route.

Adames has quietly established himself as a solid all-around shortstop who can play strong defense and excel at the racquet. In a way, the four top shortstops that just entered the free agent market can do it all. Adames is nowhere near their level, but he’s better than the options currently available to the twins.

Adames has had a pretty interesting 2022 campaign with the Brewers. His overall numbers are good (.238 BA, 31 HR, 98 RBI, .756 OPS), but Adames seemed to trade some of his solid contact counts for more power. Adame’s .238 batting average was the lowest of his career, but conversely, the 31 home runs he hit was the most in any season of his career.

If Adames could get his average back to the .250-.260 mark, he would become an All-Star Caliber player. The question is whether that is achievable. Anyhow, it seems like the Brewers may be looking into potentially moving away from Adames, and if they do, it would make a lot of sense for the twins to become a top suitor.

The twins have already made a trade that gave them Kyle Farmer at shortstop, but he’s basically an average player in the league. Adames has the ability to come in and make the twins a much better team. With Correa gone they need another racquet to help Byron Buxton lead the lineup if he is indeed healthy enough to play. Adames can do that, playing an emergency position.

Minnesota doesn’t necessarily have a ton of trading assets after their big trade deadline moves, but they do have enough to close a deal for Adames, especially if the Brewers actually try to move him. A few prospects could most likely get the job done as the Brewers appear to be on the verge of blowing things up and rebuilding from scratch.

Adames obviously isn’t Correa, but given the other options available in both the trade market and free agency, there’s probably no better move the twins could make here. They need a shortstop and another hitter who can do some damage in their lineup, and Adames is doing just that. If Adames becomes available, the Twins should do whatever it takes to land him as he could end up being the difference between a winning season and a losing season in Minnesota.


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